I feel like I've run a marathon. I had a wonderful experience aboard the space station ... But after doing something like that, it's always good to be home.

We have a pretty good program for keeping ourselves in good shape. We have two bicycles, a treadmill and an exercise device that simulates weightlifting.

I think the same thing would be true of going to Mars. As long as people worked very hard, they would be in reasonably good shape and they would quickly recover, especially with a little bit of lighter gravity there.

Just using our highly sensitive instrument -- our ears -- the starboard aft IMV(Intermodule Ventilation assembly) valve seems to be where the leak is. We can hear some air flow through there as the vestibule continues to re-pressurize using the station air.

It's not my day apparently.

Got dark just as we opened up the hatch.

It seemed like the arm stuck on the grapple fixture.

Just a joy to operate.

Hey, how're you doing, you guys are awesome!