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57 quotes about stretching follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Don't Keep reaching for the stars because you'll just look like an idiot stretching that way for no reason.

Jimmy Fallon

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The notion that we would spend nearly four years trying to get a deal without success and then do one within four days is stretching it.

Carl Grenier

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For me to just go back in that environment where it's being encouraged was great, ... Just to keep working on your game, keep stretching your game and keep learning.

Adonal Foyle

The first time we played them, he stayed outside. Tonight he went inside. My biggest kid is 6-2 and a half and we're stretching for the half inch. We just couldn't stop him. The first time he fell into what we wanted him to do. Tonight, he started going inside on us.

Patrick Fox

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That area could anchor a very important development corridor stretching from Indianapolis Boulevard to Five Points.

Mark Kalwinski

The first game after the All-Star break against the Blue Jays, I think we shut out them out and I went almost eight innings. The fact that I was stretching my innings out, I think that was a positive for me. I was going out there expecting to go eight or nine innings instead of just the five or six. I had the mentality of going eight or nine last year.

Casey Fossum

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[Reactions ? now and stretching into the future ? are likely to include anxiety, irritability, depression, anger,] all the emotions, intensified, ... Maybe guilt. I survived and friends and family members haven't. Why did I survive and not others?

Richard Hatch

It was important that we won with the district being seeded this year. Other than that, we had good pitching and hit the ball hard a couple of times. We did a good job of running the bases and stretching things out when we had the chance.

Sonja Broyles

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I was stretching the law to suit the design I came up with.

Ted Benna

Extremely mild weather will continue this entire week, stretching the run of mild weeks assuredly to eight. Though cooler, the following week may yet be mild enough to leave a ninth week in the run of mild weeks that have spanned the core of this heating season.

David Salmon

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I think the stretching before training and the match, has helped me. As well as being sensible with my eating and drinking.

Richard Gough

The situations have different issues. Here we're seeing a bending and stretching of the rules. Over there the rules are totally crushed. ...We have an accounting standards board and a fairly strict set of standards. Yes, we're seeing some problems. But by comparison they are nothing like the problems in Japan.

Bob Brusca

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I saw Snowy go down and I knew something was wrong. I just jumped the boards, started stretching and looked up at the clock. There were 8 or 9 seconds left, so I said, 'Let's get through that and then we'll go.

Wade Dubielewicz

Luckily, you get a couple days off after that tournament. He's been doing a lot of running, just stretching it out and keeping it loose. All wrestlers at some time throughout the season are a little bit banged up.

Ryan Nunamaker

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He's just a real hard worker. As soon as they're done stretching, he's on that board and he's usually the last to leave practice. He just has a love for the sport, which is nice to see.

Joe Kosman

I certainly wasn't the idol of millions. I just happened to get good parts. And so I wasn't worried... because I could see these character parts stretching on into the, you know, dim days of the future.

James Whitmore

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Hospitals already are stretching scarce resources to respond to the daily challenges of providing care to all who come through our doors. Cuts to these resources will have a negative impact on the availability of care for the patients and communities we serve.

Dick Davidson

It is a kind of a way to play games with monthly payments. Stretching out the mortgage maturity is simply a way to lower month payments and stimulate sales.

Dick Bove

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No one has tasted them. They resemble the La-Mian noodle, a traditional Chinese noodle that is made by repeatedly pulling and stretching the dough by hand.

Lu Houyuan

That has been going well. The first day we did it I asked for a show of hands if that was the farthest they had ever run at one time, most of the freshman raised their hands. We're gradually getting used to it. We are also doing less of the traditional static stretching and focusing more on dynamic stretching, which involves a lot more movement and gets the muscles a lot more warmed up.

Steve Huling

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