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If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?

T.s. Eliot

Things aren't magically better if that's what you're hoping for. It's not that simple.

Randy K. Milholland

We aren't here to ask you for anything -- yet.

Leesa Mcneil

You have to be persistent and some people aren't as persistent as they need to be.

Marguerite Fischer

It's a little bit awkward because the kids aren't with you any more.

Larry Allen

Most of them aren't in shape at all at the beginning.

Richard Valdez

We aren't detaining terrorists, or interrogating them, or doing anything else with them.

Jerzy Szmajdzinski

A lot of people aren't replacing it. They're concerned another hurricane will come and do the same thing.

Sandy Greenberg

We've got kids in school now that probably aren't going to get any money.

Ricky Smith

These people (customers) can't get hit much harder. The people aren't getting what they pay for now.

Laura Reaves

When things are going well he's patting someone on the butt. And when they aren't going well, he is kicking them there.

Neil Dougherty

There's some truth to it. We do a lot of talking but we aren't producing anything.

Tony Robinson

I'm afraid that people aren't focusing on where the problem is.

Carl Mccaslin

I'll put it this way. We're surviving and we hope the voles aren't.

David Malpass

This is the president who has said we are addicted to oil. But if this is the best we can do, we aren't going to get out of rehab.

Charlie Miller

They aren't going to go down as fast as they went up.

Catherine L. Rossi

But we aren't a camping family.

Jamie Munro

You're a single bloke now, though, aren't you? It's legit.

Frank Skinner

Those probably aren't the people who are going to buy the new record.

Dryden Mitchell

We can't get a lead and maintain it. We aren't to that point.

Jason Tarleton

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living.

Gail Sheehy

You're pretty glib, aren't you?

Daniel Petrocelli

They aren't flashy, but they're real solid. They get the job done.

Peter Hafner

Children aren't dogs; adults aren't gods.

Haitian Proverb

So when we need to do maintenance, we aren't digging up a meadow.

Adrienne Freeman

They aren't professionals, but there's a lot of heart and soul in the works.

Bethany Palmer

That's not fun. Hockey is no fun if you aren't playing for anything.

Willie Mitchell

Even Republicans are getting edgy about this, aren't they?

Gordon Peterson

They aren't your typical customers.

Brian Vaughn

Why aren't you answering the question? Why aren't you answering the question? Was it a mistake for Governor Blanco to do that?

Rich Lowry

It turns out [L1014] had something in there. But we aren't sure yet what it is.

Neal Evans

You are a saucy little thing aren't you?

Simon Cowell

My average students aren't getting those salaries.

Phil Gardner

Judges aren't supposed to compromise. They're supposed to rule.

Ronald Rotunda

That was a sign that things aren't right yet.

Thomas H. Kean

Even people who aren't sick may not have optimal wellness.

Brian Carter

We have our differences, but they aren't much when compared to what we share.

Vern Chase

We are New Orleans folk. We aren't going anywhere.

Donald Payne

We aren't getting what we should from law enforcement.

Bill Withers

We are Glenwood Springs, we aren't just downtown.

Larry Beckwith

It helps make the show feel big. And there aren't a lot of shows that allow you to do it. It's an expense.

Michael Giacchino

We aren't open fully, but we'll get there.

Terry Hebert

Aren't you supposed to shoot well at home?

Harry Ladue

You know, we aren't beating the Yankees yet, but you have to walk before you can run.

Brad Horky

Aren't they great? We've been giving them out to our customers.

Michael Landis

Pardon me, aren't you Ara Parseghian?

Ara Parseghian

It was a very easy thing to do. We aren't a huge town.

Dale Osmond

People who know how much they're worth aren't usually worth that much.

Nelson Bunker Hunt

Sales are bad. Earnings aren't special. They've got problems.

Aram Rubinson

Things aren't getting any better in technology and they may be getting worse.

Rafael Tamargo

I know... I'm pretty smart, aren't I?

Michael Mckean

I'm going to die, aren't I? It's so hot.

Melissa Doi

Pedestrians aren't faring so well this year, nor did they last year.

Dan Moser

I like people who have a pulse and aren't afraid to show it.

Stephan Jenkins

There aren't a lot of Arabic teachers in the U.S..

John Shannon

Taxes are usually permanent, but tax cuts aren't.

Peggy Venable

If we aren't supposed to eat animals, then why are they made out of meat?

Jo Brand

The ads aren't dull. But they're much less in-your-face.

Bernice Kanner

You're chaffing me, aren't you?

Anthony Blair

Some words ultimately will be bleeped. There aren't that many.

Rob Lundgren

Looking more closely, the numbers aren't there.

Harold Vogel

There aren't a lot of diseases where we can point to and say we have an answer today that we didn't have a decade ago.

Hamilton Moses

The machines aren't all manually operated. They are operated by computers.

Suzanne Cosme

Our kids aren't afraid of anything right now.

Chris Sload

But we aren't in charge of the policy lever.

Jason Wong

The good news is, these bills aren't going anywhere.

Aaron Ostrom

We attempt to be accepting of others. Sometimes we aren't, but at least we try.

Nicholas Sparks

Somebody asked me who I thought would win this thing. It's too hard to say. There aren't any teams that are out of it.

Jimmy Newman

Most of his friends aren't even talking about college.

Carolyn Wilkerson

The bodies aren't sitting there. You have to go find them.

Dave Hamilton

The end game is to get to a point where there aren't any user interfaces.

John Warnock

Things aren't great right now, but things are improving. Every month should be a little bit better.

Joe Greff

And falling is part of the sport. If you aren't falling, you aren't getting better.

Chris Sierzant

There are just so many pieces of it that right now arent right.

John Cornish

My agent said, 'You aren't good enough for movies.' I said, 'You're fired.'

Sally Field

I'll be surprised if we get those. Some designers aren't familiar with us yet. ... But we're working on them!

Jane Kaczmarek

True champions aren't always the ones that win, but those with the most guts.

Mia Hamm

The little dogs are allowed on the big-dog side, but the big dogs aren't allowed on the little-dog side. It may not be fair to the big dogs, but it is safer for the little ones.

Holly Swoape

Don't have good ideas if you aren't willing to be responsible for them.

Alan Perlis

Like the nation, things were booming. Now some of the little communities that were here aren't here anymore.

Lynn Womack

People are going out in the boats. They just aren't going as far.

Alan Phillips

If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.

Vince Lombardi

Core money beliefs aren't logical.

Ruth Hayden

Access to people who aren't looking for a job is something you don't get with job boards.

Jason Goldberg

I bring the ability to make things happen when things aren't going right.

Stefan Lefors

There aren't that many major players left.

Dan Kasper

Rules are made for people who aren't willing to make up their own.

Chuck Yeager

Those aren't aliases. Those are their actual names.

Bill Beck

Motors aren?t designed to be submersible.

Charles Lyons

These guys aren't suddenly going to change their line.

Guy Groux

That way, if some of them aren't good, we'll still have plenty.

Mike Starck

There aren't many big ideas about how to solve the problems.

Alice Waters

Aren't women prudes if they don't and prostitutes if they do?

Kate Millett

Those trailers aren't even good for thunderstorms.

Lea Stokes

Some teachers are better with adults and some aren't.

Peggy Smith

My bad habits aren't my title, my strengths and talents are my title.

Layne Staley

A lot of people aren't getting hits against their pitchers.

Brendan Donnelly

There aren't too many companies that would allow me to work like this.

Gene Van Grevenhof

At this stage, battery-powered electrics aren't there yet.

Jim Kliesch

The conditions we've set up aren't much of a risk to him.

Wendell Odom

If the songs aren't there and you throw a TV set out of the window, who cares?

Vince Neil

We aren't trying to hear that.

Bruce White

There's nothing wrong with nerds. I am one. There aren't enough of us anymore.

Albert Mchenry

An awful lot of scenes aren't filmed yet.

David Tennant

I think they are reading some things into some of the things they found that aren't really there.

Scott Patterson

There just aren't enough resources.

Claudia Smith

Basically, they're going to get caught. They aren't the smartest criminals.

Melvin Ely

I think it's cool they aren't taking any recognition for it.

Lauren Jaffe

Brides aren't happy - they are just triumphant.

John Barrymore

What we have to remember is that children matter as much as adults, but they aren't equal with adults.

Linda Blair

Mr. President, you're busy with things that aren't a priority for Venezuelans.

Julio Borges

The bridges that you cross before you come to them are over rivers that aren't there.

Gene Brown

Because there are a lot of characters that aren't followed through.

Nick Nolte

You don't pay money to get money. Those aren't legitimate scholarships.

Diane Rodriguez

It's not that Asia and PC's aren't something we didn't already know about but this is clearly worse than we expected.

Alex Brown

Hunting accidents aren't big news. They're pretty rare.

Bill Balda

In a way we agree they aren't effective. They can over filter.

Rebecca Jeschke

The roadways just aren't set up to accommodate this many people.

Bobby Lewis

Our kids love the big meets. They aren't afraid at all.

Joe Ocheltree

These aren't rumors, they're seeing thousands of people here!

Robert Siegel

Most of the publishers we are dealing with at this stage aren't using any DRM.

Holmes Wilson

If we aren't capable of being hurt we aren't capable of feeling joy.

Madeleine L'Engle

We could be jeopardizing our public safety if we aren't careful.

Jim Madaffer

If you don't plan, your golden years aren't going to be very golden.

David Neil

Some individuals aren't required by law to file (taxes).

Deb Kottel

There's nothing more that consumers should be doing that they aren't doing already.

Richard Lobb

Miles aren't considered money so you can't do a tax write-off.

Rachel Hill

These aren't my songs. My intention wasn't to make them Martina McBride songs.

Martina Mcbride

Until they can get that higher rent, they aren't going to build.

David Goodwin

The old guys aren't going to go without a buyout.

Paul Thayer

For small investors, they probably aren't the place to be.

Scott Kahan

You're starting to be real competitive, aren't you?

Jim Lett

We have one of the best areas in the state, ... Things aren't that bad in the 1st District. They're not as bad as some people say they are.

Charles Potter

We aren't going to come out here and let them run over us like they did in Fresno.

Janevia Taylor

His proposals just aren't that popular.

Del Ali

These old legs aren't really in tango form.

Dawn Fraser

Sir, two of those schools aren't even under our jurisdiction.

Randy Copeland

The corps doesn't make it easy. The regulations aren't easy to understand.

Lesley Blackner

Railroad tracks aren't anything to be playing with.

Robert Ramos

Used to, we were the best-kept secret. We aren't a secret anymore.

Bruce Walker

If people aren't getting on our case, then we've got to get on theirs.

Lawrence Mickey

Unless they aren't doing well.

Jeff Wells

These aren't affluent people, and they were treated with less respect than they should have.

Dennis Daniels

Even her oil paintings aren't ordinary by any means.

Ann Jaroski

People who aren't even celebrities are celebrities because of page 3.

Rajiv Saxena

Some guys are ready to come out and some guys aren't. Really, in my heart, I don't think he's ready to come out.

Pat Ruel

It is common sense. We aren't telling them what to say. We aren't telling them what to do on their own time.

Jim Finn

Your regrets aren't what you did, but what you didn't do. So I take every opportunity.

Cameron Diaz

It's a small town. People aren't friendly?

Dale Maharidge

It's not that things are getting better. But things aren't getting worse, as many are expecting.

Todd Rosenbluth

We aren't talking about a whole lot of money.

Hugh Willoughby

It does bother me that the posts aren't padded.

Bruce Brown

There aren't many presses in the world capable of that.

David A. Boyer

We aren't big enough to handle the magnitude of this crisis.

Wayne Pacelle

Whatever you need, it's there. If you can't find it, you aren't trying.

Charles Howell Iii

I hope the players aren't thinking about Dnipro.

Tony Mowbray

Adults have the YALE syndrome ... you aren't laughing enough.

Mary Mullen

Inside this locker room, the expectations aren't low.

Steve Heiden

The police aren't the most popular people right now.

John Adair

It's really fun to act like a bimbo. But it's fun to act like a bimbo only when people know that you really aren't one.

Laura Dern

We just aren't planning to move.

Michael Sherman

There are certain nights you and your image just aren't in the same bed.

Matthew Mcconaughey

Some of them aren't out yet and they've been wanting those.

Rachel Campbell

Things aren't going well right now. I'm in a very bad slump.

Bobby Abreu

We aren't a sports bar, and we have no desire to be, but it should be fun.

Scott Parker

The Games aren't about one person.

John Harnden

If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?

Joe Namath

It's a fun place to play, but the outcomes usually aren't so fun for opponents.

Leonard Perry

Umbrellas aren't permitted for safety reasons.

Ken Craig

It was good to see kids that normally aren't the heroes come through.

Harvey Starbuck

Can you help us out with this? ... How come these people were hired and why aren't they fired?

Harold Rogers

Unfortunately, we aren't there right now, but if we were I'd be awfully happy.

Patti Mccormack

He is doing okay but we aren't going to rush into anything.

Graham Rix

People just aren't ready in the morning.

Sally Potter

Why aren't other children coming forward?

Michael Mills

When you are seventeen you aren't really serious.

Max Lerner

These people aren't thinking about you. What they are thinking about is who they can get to do this for them.

Susan Newman

They are called predators for a reason. They aren't stupid.

Brett Carney

They aren't going to put Kodak out of business any time soon.

Drew Endy

It's under investigation and there really aren't any details we can release.

Dennis Smith

We want to make sure these kids aren't held up.

Heidi Perlman

The thing about Ruth jerseys is that there aren't very many of them. When one surfaces, you go for it.

Howard Rosenkrantz

This doesn't mean there aren't unhappy students out there.

Michael Hess

Unfortunately, there are some people who just aren't getting it yet.

Bob Folle

These aren't the films that the studio are looking at.

Jonathan Sehring

We watch groceries a little closer too. We aren't buying appliances.

Ray Ernst

The things that it saw as priorities 10 years ago, they may still be priorities, but they aren't necessarily the only priorities.

David Atkinson

There aren't any more swing judges.

Charlie Cyr

It's a different world when the cameras aren't here.

Grant Wilson

Seniors aren't the only ones who use drugs from Canada.

Stephen Schondelmeyer

But the sprinkler systems aren't cheap.

Jayna Neagle

We wanted to bring in brands that aren't in Arizona.

Kurt Demunbrun

Hitting someone when they aren't looking.

Nick Reid

On defense, there aren't as many things to do. On defense, I can fly around more.

Sami Abdulbari

Women aren't as mere as they used to be.

Walt Kelly

I don't hold that against them. Most of them aren't doing their laundry, either.

Jeff Jackson

Aren't used to rat-free outfield.

David Letterman

There aren't any shelters out there.

Gale Russell

That's what we try and do. Try to help before the problems aren't fixable.

Pat Andriole

They aren't giving up. They are beautiful people.

Nicho Aguilar