I should know. I sued their client.

It makes a lot of sense for Hancock to do this because they are heavily dependent, in that it takes a very long time for one client [Lloyds] to pay them. It would be very helpful for [the Hancock] people to have partners who are paid on a monthly basis.

Anything to bring more businesses in. I'm excited to see more shopping, more people in this area.

She'll mostly stay with me, and I try not to keep her on a leash because she's active. She's very nice, and I don't think there should be leash laws because it's not fair.

Until they can get that higher rent, they aren't going to build.

A professor who teaches what I do for a living, which is insurance law, they don't know more about the subject than I do. I know more than they do, because what they do is teach generally. They have a casebook and they go through it every year. I spend 10 hours a day, 12 hours a day, 300 days a year, working on the subject.

Duane Morris is an excellent insurance company law firm.

As developers, we have to keep a little ahead of the game, ... This is an area that's on the move.

The stigma of St. Pete as a retirement community is just so long gone. That old stereotype is ancient history. We want that thing buried.