"Scott Gordon-Patterson" is an United States/American actor. He is known for his role as List of Gilmore Girls characters#Lucas "Luke" Danes/Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls and Peter Strahm/Agent Strahm in Saw IV, Saw V and Saw VI. He also starred as Michael Buchanan in the NBC drama series The Event (TV series)/The Event.

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With the increasing residential development downtown, a number of residents who are bus riders are rightfully concerned about service there.

I think as long as Amy [Sherman] feels that she and her husband Daniel can continue to produce original, fresh storylines, then I see no reason why it shouldn't continue.

However, if it gets to a situation where people are refusing not to abide by it, we do have the authority to not allow them to ride the bus. So that is one stick the agency has that it can use.

This is not good. The decline in enrollment is something we have to grapple with.

I think they are reading some things into some of the things they found that aren't really there.

If you only look at salaries, we don't look very good. But if you look at total compensation, we look pretty good.

If the family can afford to stay around to get their kids in kindergarten, they have probably found a way to do the housing thing.

If an employee was paid with grants, if we don't have documentations, the auditor actually goes and tries to contact the individual.