Frank Skinner
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"Frank Skinner" is an English writer, comedian, TV and radio presenter, and actor.

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[It is an appropriate symbol of the dedication Richardson has shown to young artists over the past 26 years.] I like the things that young people like, ... I'm still a child who likes ice cream, ridiculous games and giggling about.

You're a single bloke now, though, aren't you? It's legit.

We strip them down to bare bones and add the armor material and the protected glass and then put them back together. We put them together so that you can't tell that they're armored at first glance.

Yeah, but you're a big star. It goes with the territory.

Yeah, but that's what happens here, ... If a footballer has marital difficulties, he gets a bit of stick.

When he was in school and worked in the store, I think the interaction between people is really what gained his interest.

You're a bit of a hero.