I worked all my life, paid for my house, just remodeled it and then boom. It's hard. There's nothing to do. I don't know what's next.

You can't even mix kindergarten and first grade. Because of their different cognitive levels.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that in spite of redoubling search-and-rescue efforts, the deaths are soaring.

They are pushing people into more remote areas where the chances of being rescued are minimal. All they have accomplished 11 years later is the shifting of undocumented traffic from densely populated areas to the most remote areas.

There just aren't enough resources.

Deploying a tire-deflating device is not the solution because the smugglers regularly swerve around them, causing them to loose control.

A hermetically sealed border ... would be astronomically expensive and (ineffective), considering our heavy reliance on undocumented labor for an increasingly diverse range of labor-intensive industries. It runs counter to our economic reality.

The children are definitely getting a benefit from this because it?s impossible to learn with problems in your mouth and the pain in your mouth. So we consider it a win for everybody involved.