If it all leaks, then you're right back where you started, plus you've wasted all that money.

The current lack of oil refinery capacity is largely the result of a conscious decision by the oil industry in the 1990s to limit supply to increase profitability. In the 1990s, approximately 50 refineries were closed, and since 1995, over 20 refineries have been shut down.

If IGCC is not built with carbon capture and storage, it may as well be the old dirty stuff. It will be a cumulative increase in our carbon emissions.

The bodies aren't sitting there. You have to go find them.

There's some new money here, but it's not a huge amount. They've been robbing Peter to pay Paul.

What's really reprehensible is that friends of the oil industry in Congress are using ... a disaster, which essentially pointed up our shortcomings in protecting public health and safety, to repeal environmental rules that are designed to protect public health and safety.

In ways we've looked at pollution in the past, coal has cleaned up. But the bigger problem we face now is carbon dioxide, which clean coal plants still emit.

Attacking energy waste is the cheapest and cleanest thing we can do to address the energy crisis. We have no ethical problem with making dirty things cleaner, but by simply investing in energy efficiently we could create 1.4 million jobs by 2025 and reduce the overall electricity load by 10 percent.