"Steve Allen Heiden" is a former American football tight end.

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After a missed tackle, usually you're thinking you're going to get caught by a linebacker or some back. After 20 or 30 yards, no one came close from behind.

I think it is our job as players to do a better job of executing. We can't shoot ourselves in the foot. I have said that for a couple of weeks now. We have to make a conscious effort when we have field position to make plays and not have turnovers or penalties.

All it requires is a 5-yard route by me. When they bring the (strong-side) and (middle) backers, I hook it.

There was some entertaining stuff on there.

He's very confident. He's mature for his years. He's poised, he's confident. He was very good.

Inside this locker room, the expectations aren't low.

What is it, Murphy's Law? We haven't gotten a lot of breaks. But that's football.

When the Ravens get you behind at home, it's tough to come back. Their defense is so good. When they can pin their ears back and just rush the passer and cause havoc, it's tough.

To be honest, I've never had that feeling in this league. That's a feeling left for the fast guys. It was different.