It is a scandal in our minds that four years after 9/11, we have not yet set aside radio spectrum to insure that police, firefighters and emergency medical technicians can communicate reliably during any kind of attack or any kind of major disaster.

We believe that the terrorists will strike again. If they do, and these reforms that might have prevented such an attack have not been implemented, what will our excuses be?

We are safer but we are not yet safe. Four years after 9/11, we are not as safe as we could be. And that is unacceptable. While the terrorists are learning and adapting, our government is still moving at a crawl.

That was a sign that things aren't right yet.

Unfortunately, races seem to get more negative every year. I think the public is sick of it. People respond to positive campaigns.

There are many things that people think have been done that simply haven't been done. Our leadership has been distracted in this country. Some of the failures are shocking.

Unfortunately, races seem to get more negative every year.

The first people who reached the World Trade Center did not know who was in charge. Every state and locality has got to have one agency in charge.

The most striking thing to us is that the size of the problem still totally dwarfs the policy response. We have no greater fear than a terrorist who is inside the United States with a nuclear weapon. The consequences of such an attack would be catastrophic for our people, for our economy, for our liberties.

Our purpose is to find out why things happened, how they could have happened, and what we can do to prevent their ever happening again.

It's really the same confusion that you had on 9/11 - worse, really, because at least in New York City you had Rudy Giuliani.

We must not allow the people who were struck down to simply become statistics. The greatest service we can pay those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and those who survived the blaze, is to do all we can to assure that no one ever again experiences the kind of anguish that they endured.

We are safer, but we are not yet safe. That's simply not acceptable.

We may end up holding individual agencies, people, and procedures to account. But our fundamental purpose will not be to point fingers. It's rather to answer fully the questions that so many still have.

You had no command and control. Who was in charge? Really, nobody was in charge.

A moderate who supports a woman's right to choose.

We believe that the terrorists will strike again. So does every responsible expert that we have talked to.