Dawn Fraser
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"Dawn Fraser" is an Australian champion swimmer and former politician. She is one of only three swimmers to have won the same Olympic event three times – in her case the 100 metres freestyle.

Within Australia, during her swimming career she was often known for her controversial behaviour and larrikinism/larrikin character as much as for her athletic ability. She 'outgrew' that reputation as evidenced by the many honours she has received since her competitive swimming career ended. See #Honours/Honours.

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That is turning out to be a bit of a debacle but I spoke to the administrators the other day and they have assured me it is not anything to do with Paul or myself.

It is going to be a very tough series.

It might look like that but it's not my personal parking space, ... I'm telling you that's not true. Anyone that complains like that is jealous.

I don't think we've actually seen the best of him yet. If he is hungry enough to do it, he will win the 200 and 400 in Beijing.

It's a happy occasion and, unlike most of the television we watch, there's no violence involved.

These old legs aren't really in tango form.

I did speak to my heart doctor, I spoke to my orthopedic doctor and I also spoke to my general practitioner and they all said, 'No, you are fit enough to do the show, go ahead and do it'.

When I set my mind to do something, I want to come out a winner.

It wasn't deserved. Because I didn't do the things that they said I'd done. And it was a terrible sort of taste in my mouth ... to have been retired when I wasn't ready.