"Charlotte Sally Potter", Order of the British Empire/OBE is an English film director and screenwriter.

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I was struck by the large number of men who came up afterwards to grill me on what I knew about Islam. But they were very respectful and serious.

We've had people from Texas, northern Wisconsin, Toledo, Cleveland. We've had lots of people from Ann Arbor and Detroit.

We've always wanted Josh, but he had something else going on that weekend.

It wasn't my intention to make any grandiose political statements here.

People just aren't ready in the morning.

Many musicals are about putting on a show and, when that happens, you know the filmmakers are really talking about their own process of bringing ideas to the screen. The story is a vehicle for looking at other things.

The store had run its course and you've got a world where new goods are incredibly cheap now. The lease was up the middle of August and I looked around and said we've had a great run. We're done. It's sad but yet it's a completion of a very fun era.

This scene is really the heart of the whole story.

The word `political' is never used in the film, `Bush' is never mentioned, `9/11' is never mentioned, `Middle East' is never mentioned, `bombs' are never mentioned.