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There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

They'll actually be pretty aggressive when they move up to feed. That's what they're up there for.

Davy Hite

We said we were going to be very aggressive. This is the 'very' part of it.

Michael Bidwill

I just wasn't going to back down. I was going to be aggressive.

Vance Cooksey

I wasn't really looking to score more (in the second half), but I was looking to be more aggressive.

Aaron Robinson

Her aggressive feminism is fashionable at the moment.

Knut Ahnlund

We have to be very aggressive, to go to the limit of what's legal.

Michael Ballack

Something has to be done, but we need to be much more aggressive.

Mike Abe

We didn't have a lot of open looks. Marshall was the more active and aggressive team.

Kirk Speraw

He has become so aggressive. He really improved offensively.

Matt Giampietro

We're not playing as aggressive as we can be. We have the potential to play better.

Lamarcus Hicks

She does really good out there because she's really aggressive. She's not afraid to get in there and work. She's a good athlete.

Bill Carey

We played more aggressive and a little hungrier in the second half.

Colin Falls

It is part of continuing price war, it seems to be getting more aggressive.

Philip Macalister

If you put a dog on a chain, it's going to get aggressive.

Janie Allen

We have one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns for technology in the country.

Jane Muir

It's meaty, it's sporty and it's aggressive, which is what Dodge is all about.

Karl Brauer

It's fun to watch. They look aggressive. They don't look like they're tentative.

Bob Mcclure

She's very aggressive, and she has a good eye. She's not afraid to take the extra base.

Bob Coolen

We will be aggressive in exploration, but it depends on rig supply.

Hilmi Panigoro

He is very aggressive, loves a tackle and can play as well.

Sami Hyypia

He was a good kid. I never had any problems with him. He wasn't aggressive at all.

Richard Friedman

I think sometimes he's been a little too aggressive in how he's handled the issues.

Jonathan Wright

They got aggressive and we didn't match their intensity level.

Mike James

It's an aggressive schedule, no doubt.

Dave Palmer

Roberts is aggressive. He sets his sight on something and he achieves it.

Greg Gorbatenko

I think at the beginning of the third set, he pushed himself a lot and was very aggressive.

Simon Greul

The upside is critically dependent on an aggressive Fed easing.

David Bowers

We had to be very aggressive and creative in how we designed the buildings.

Tim Romani

They have athletes at every position. They're really aggressive and they make things hard.

Kraig Clifton

There's scope for more aggressive liberalization.

Chua Hak Bin

It takes balance. You need to be aggressive but not offensive.

Brandon Roberts

We need to be more aggressive about expanding our customer base.

Jim Fowler

That's where we're at right now. We're not really aggressive attacking the basket. We're settling.

Mario Elie

The bashful are always aggressive at heart.

Charles Horton Cooley

They got a lot more aggressive, and they never looked back.

Kevin Garnett

Over-aggressive. To be honest, I was a little nervous.

Shenise Johnson

We're going to be aggressive.

Nate Feltman

We played well. We played aggressive, it was a tough one to lose.

Jessica Belisle

They're corporate and they're transnational and they're aggressive.

Xtine Hanson

We could not stop (Brown) inside. She was too big, too aggressive for us.

Garry Cooper

It's a little more alive, a little more aggressive. The rhythm is stronger and a little bit faster.

Airto Moreira

They're a very aggressive-hitting team.

Rich Miller

They are really aggressive skiers. Wilder is showing how he can ski on edge and make it through.

Simon Marsh

We are a really good team when we come out aggressive. When we don't, we have problems.

Darrell Armstrong

We were very aggressive, and when we're aggressive, it's hard to stop us.

Kerri Walsh

These were very aggressive birds.

Richard Hart

I give a lot of credit to Barley. He was aggressive on defense.

Chris Paul

They are back on track now. The last thing they want to do now is be too aggressive.

John Coyle

When we got on base, we were aggressive.

Brad Francis

We needed to be more aggressive up front.

Laurel Schultheis

I've been a very aggressive hitter all my career.

Ivan Rodriguez

I thought Kentucky's defense was very, very aggressive. Their defense impacted us in a big, big way.

Dennis Felton

I'm not mean, just aggressive.

Harvey Martin

She was really aggressive throwing strikes. That is something to build on.

Rob Adams

This will be the most aggressive fundraising campaign in the fund's history.

Brian Steen

They (Huss) came out real aggressive. We got into a hole and never got out.

Bill Ellis

I thought our kids wrestled great. We were really aggressive.

Mike Simons

Coach challenged me a little bit. I became a little more assertive, a little more aggressive.

Jerome Gumbs

I told them to assert themselves and be aggressive.

Jimmy Bulls

I thought they made the plays. I just thought they were more aggressive and we were less aggressive.

Dick Hunsaker

We also expect to be a lot more aggressive about marketing.

John Kanas

Apple came in and was more aggressive this time.

Lloyd Brown

I would guarantee it's going to get nasty. We are going to have an aggressive campaign.

David Woodruff

It's clearly attributable to the aggressive anti-retroviral therapy.

James Oleske

It was a big stress until I made it to the finals. I could have been a little more aggressive.

Victor Cruz

It was his most aggressive race of the season. It was a great mile.

Ryan Long

She's able to get (to) missed shots every time. When she wants to be, she's very aggressive.

Mike Hofland

Advocacy is calling for action. Aggressive reporting is calling for answers.

Matthew Felling

I tried to be as aggressive as I can and try to get into the match very quickly.

Marat Safin

I knew I had to make that jump. I had to be aggressive to get it.

April Sinkler

We have very aggressive expansion plans for acquisitions in Russia and abroad.

Alexander Utochkin

She is smart on the bases and aggressive. I encourage my team to be aggressive.

Heather Earls

It will require more aggressive conservation and use of reclaimed water . . .

Michael Molligan

They tackle very well and are aggressive on defense. We've got our work cut out for us.

Tee Murabito

They're taking on more risk. They're more aggressive.

Giles Knight

He's aggressive. He's a fit of rage. He's full of fury, and he should be one of the favorites.

Dave Zabriskie

It was wonderful to see they were very calm, yet so aggressive.

Rhonda Faehn

We have been very aggressive.

Bruce Aust

He yelled at us a little bit. He told us if we wanted to win the game, we had to be more aggressive.

Jenny Jones

This man was accustomed to significant swings. He'd make big, he'd lose big. He was an active, aggressive trader.

Harvey Houtkin

This is a company that will be aggressive and innovative in the marketplace.

Dan Hesse

We were more aggressive and got the ball to the interior.

Jonathon Modica

We have to be aggressive to fight piracy. We have to protect ourselves or no one else will.

David Newnham

We are going to be aggressive and grow the company.

Phil Baumgardner

If it's a more, I'll say, aggressive rollover, the curtain will come down faster.

Helen Petrauskas

That's disappointing. I don't know if we weren't aggressive enough or if it was their defense.

Michael Redd

We'd rather be aggressive than passive. But today we went too far with it.

Fran Mcdevitt

He's aggressive. He won't let anybody outwork him.

Rod Oden

We didn't execute the way we executed to get the lead. We just weren't very aggressive.

David Wesley

I'd like to see them use the experience they've gained and be aggressive.

Leigh Podlesny

I would like to go out there and be aggressive with him, but it depends on the situation.

Taylor Buchholz

We will be aggressive. We will address costs. We will address our footprint as a business. We will address capacity.

Jim Padilla

We have a very aggressive fundraising schedule in Montana and elsewhere in 2006.

Mark Baker

That was big. We were awfully aggressive.

Bill Herman

A lot of people have told me that I was very aggressive and they think I can play.

Nehemiah Ingram

He's very aggressive -- smart and plays hard all the time.

Marvin Emerson

People are clearly betting on an aggressive cut.

Bill Hornbarger

You just have to be aggressive. I thought I did a good job.

Jean Felix

The dog is evaluated by the staff to make sure there's no aggressive behavior.

Christopher Stone

AT&T has said it will be aggressive on price but it has never been as aggressive as MCI.

Todd Rosenbluth

We run eight men in the box. That's the defense we run now. We tried to be more aggressive with it tonight.

Brud Bicknell

We have to be very aggressive in terms of controlling costs.

Jim Padilla

I don't make a lot of noise on the field. I'm aggressive, and I try to get the job done.

Robert Merrill

Those guys were tough. They were much more aggressive than they were at (River Ridge).

Kevin Estes

Hospitals have become very aggressive about collecting money.

Nora Johnson

I'm proud of how aggressive we were at the plate.

Rick Trujillo

Parker looked real sharp and was real aggressive.

Joe Godinho

We are always aggressive, but we have some young girls who have some speed and we're going to use that to our advantage.

Jim Getzloff

They came out hard and aggressive.

Amanda Thompson

He has instilled a new, aggressive nature in the company.

Allan Kaplan

We're on a fairly aggressive timetable to up-fit the building.

Blake Strayhorn

We will never accept aggressive troops in any part of Serbia.

Vojislav Seselj

We improved our aggressive serving. By the end of the day we were serving very aggressively.

Debbie Klock

It's definitely possible, though that's a very aggressive target.

Bill Krenik

They came out aggressive and good things happened.

Tracy Bodi

They were a lot more aggressive than us.

Jim Epperly

I take the same aggressive approach in that role. It's another challenge.

Bobby Hill

That kid was aggressive. He came after Terence, but Terence stepped it up and did his job.

Adam Alirez

We're all being very aggressive about it.

Stephanie Marquis

I need to be aggressive, to let it go.

Ben Johnson (baseball Player)

We have to get a lot better at doubles. Particularly, we have to get more aggressive there.

Andy Jackson

People are afraid the Fed will have to be more aggressive. It spooked everyone.

Will Jarosak

We knew they were aggressive on the offensive boards. We knew we had to run on them early.

Kawika Shoji

It was very aggressive. She said we'll take you to the edge but we won't let you fall off.

Dick Shaffer

We were just being aggressive.

Richard Kovalcheck

The Fed is justified in being aggressive. We're in uncharted waters here.

Anthony Chan

The ball was coming faster, and the guys were too aggressive.

Vernon Isabella

They're just solid. They're good against the pass, good against the run, and they're aggressive.

Denny Pelley

She's a very aggressive kid. She's going to keep us in any game.

Matt Pfau

I just need to keep being aggressive.

Sha Brooks

I wouldn't say opportunist. I was aggressive.

David Delainey

Luis got a little too aggressive.

Hideki Matsui

They were really aggressive and up on you. They were reaching a lot. They never adapted to the way the game was being called.

Marcellus Sommerville

We did exactly what we wanted to do tonight. We came out, played aggressive and got the win.

Marah Guzman

You could see it in the way he talks. He has an aggressive nature, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Chuck Hernandez

He was playing a little more aggressive. If that means a chip, I guess.

Matt Harpring

It sounds like aggressive message testing.

Brian Sanderoff

This isn't just for the young and aggressive.

Randy Carlson

I was told to see what she had, make adjustments, and be aggressive. That's my style anyway.

Maureen Shea

We will be very aggressive in that.

Maryellen Elia

Things are looking good for 2005-2006, but for 2007 and into 2008 we are going to have to go into a very aggressive mode.

Aftab Dada

We need to be aggressive about being on all of these platforms.

David Zaslav

It was a really good, good win for us. We tried to be aggressive. There were some times we had a few turnovers, but they were aggressive turnovers.

Keitha Green

We took advantage of opportunities and became aggressive, and we really hustled.

Candace Kimmett

Playing aggressive tennis paid off.

Shinobu Asagoe

After the first inning we let up. We've got be more aggressive to be competitive.

Dan Hill

I'm real pleased with the way we're stealing. We're aggressive.

Nelson Mccullough

There was just very aggressive interest.

David Skok

I'm an aggressive catcher. Believe me, I threw that ball perfect.

Pudge Rodriguez

We need to be more aggressive with our swings, ... But they are all things we can work on.

Beth Shelton

Montague came out a little more aggressive in the second half.

Joe Hill

I think I am aggressive, I think I am critical when it's necessary.

Jane Harman

I was just aggressive in that situation, ... He threw me a fastball and I went with it.

Vinny Castilla

I became more aggressive and didn't just settle for the simple things.

Aleks Maric

We were very aggressive in every game that we played against them.

Zabian Dowdell

It's a pretty aggressive program.

John Lesinski

We made a few aggressive mistakes in the playoff.

Tommy Standefer

We'll be aggressive. The more runs you score, the better. Every run counts.

Jose Oquendo

They are one of the most aggressive teams we face all season and we are going to have to come out aggressive.

Jillian Harmon

We're going to try to get out ahead of the curve and be aggressive with incentives.

David Elshoff

[Kmart has] a very aggressive timetable, ... It will be interesting to see if they can pull it off.

Wayne Hood

I was a little bit down after my first two at-bats, ... I said to myself, 'I've got to be more aggressive.' .

Ramon Castro

I played even better this week. I was a lot more aggressive, and I did something with my opportunities.

Dennis Nevolo

They were very aggressive. We just had to get used to that and step it up.

Dana Mitchell

There are two things that we can do: One is we can control how aggressive the deployment is and also the shape of the cushion.

Alby Berman

Electronics demand was driven by a lot of aggressive pricing.

Heather Dougherty

Nothing is more depressing and more illogical than aggressive Christianity.

Gerald Vann

Nine months is very aggressive, but 18 months is too long.

Dean Hachamovitch

AT&T will be really aggressive in terms of moving into this space.

Jeff Turner

Our campaign has been extraordinarily aggressive early.

Eric Jaye

The kids were really aggressive. A lot of the kids that we were facing weren't really ready for how intense our kids were.

Erick Jensen

We are looking to be an aggressive, competitive team.

Erica Lorenz

If teams are going to be aggressive against us, we want to make them pay.

Eric Thurston

I worry about whether our proposal is aggressive enough.

Edward Bastian

Now I can be more aggressive in my job search and home search, ... This place is as good as any other.

Earl Johnson

He's a bulldog. Determined. Aggressive.

Ed Pinckney