I don't know what it was, but we came out on fire. Even before the game, we were all so psyched. We're not worried about (being) the two seed. We're glad to have it, but we still have to work hard.

I think people started getting scared and falling under the pressure, and we just weren't working together like we were before. I think they were doing everything right, and we were trying to do too much instead of just playing.

We realized that we had to pick it up to win, because we were playing a little bit sloppy.

It's a great feeling to win again in the first round of districts, and we're hoping to improve our game and move on in contests. I think Sarah was getting in their heads and they didn't know how to handle her. She was getting easy steals for us.

We were disappointed, but now, especially since we won today, we're looking forward and hoping to make a big run.

They were very aggressive. We just had to get used to that and step it up.

The bottom line is, are we reacting to and dealing with this conduct that is illegal, and we are. We're just using a different tool than everyone else is.

Our defense wasn't doing as well as in the first half. I got the team together and said we had to step it up if we're going to pull this off.