They got aggressive and we didn't match their intensity level.

Everyone likes each other again.

We have to get that feeling that we have when we're down 20 and take that into the start of the game. We can't be nonchalant.

The guidelines that they need to know have not fully come out yet.

We saw a business opportunity and we jumped into it.

Bottom line is this right there.

It doesn't matter what you do for 45 minutes, it's what you do the last three minutes.

I thrilled about the way this team played. Whenever they had a tough time out on the course or faced any adversity, they handled it perfectly. It was a real pleasure to watch them grind out this win.

It starts tomorrow. We have got to put a whole game together. We have not done that yet. We seem to play well for stretches, but we can't seem to do it for 48 minutes. We have to start with a complete game tomorrow.