We are going to expect big things defensively from Yeager in goal and Novack at sweeper. That?s not to say we are not overlooking our other players, but their experience in these positions can only help us.

It was a super night for the fans and for Phil.

I'm sure that energized Buffalo. Liriano was pitching well, and then boom!

They're a very aggressive-hitting team.

This is really like our first round of the playoffs.

How will our defense play this year? That?s what I?ve been asking myself. Each day we work at practice on team defense and then individual defensive skills. We are going to be inexperienced in this area.

They find ways to stay in ballgames and it would be something special for these guys if they could get in (to the playoffs).

He can pitch in the morning, at 12:15 (afternoon) and definitely at night.

We've always said that's probably the widest mound in the league ? and maybe all of baseball. I really think the mound is too wide. That ball by Heintz was hit hard and then it hit the side of the mound. But that's not what lost us the game.