He was a good kid. I never had any problems with him. He wasn't aggressive at all.

The sheer number of things making us feel remorseful is so great that if we don't seek forgiveness, we could end up psychologically disabled. So people go around asking to be forgiven just so that they don't continue to go on suffering. But often its too facile.

We've done a very good job of teaching patients that they need things.

It was as if he was afraid to go inside and face the music.

It's a great feeling being a Yankee fan. I'm looking forward to the parade on Friday.

There was nothing out there.

It's a sophisticated punt, ... I think the Supreme Court is saying, 'Let's buy more time.'

I think if the president picked two Anglo-Saxon men, he would lose the potential of some support. If he picks a Latino, there are clearly going to be some people who may be ideologically predisposed against that nominee who are going to be turned around by the prospect for the first Hispanic chief justice.

If I live to be 97, we will never forget the kindness of the people of Mississippi, the people of Jackson , and people of this hotel.