It should be a high-scoring game, but I've been fooled before. We may have to outscore them, I don't know. We'll see.

We're just not making plays right now. We're playing the best kids we have. We just have to get better.

We've been able to do some things because of them coming back. We went through those growing pains last year.

It puts a lot of pressure on your D-backs (defensive backs). We need to tackle. They're going to complete some passes. We know that. We just need to not let 10 yards become 40 yards.

Ritter made some great plays. They caught everything in the world, so you have to give them credit, too.

They did exactly what people who move the ball do to us, and that's run right at us.

They're just solid. They're good against the pass, good against the run, and they're aggressive.

They just don't make mistakes. They give Kevin a chance. As long as he's got a chance, we got a chance.