Three deep fumbles and a dropped ball in the end zone. You just can't do that in varsity football. We couldn't overcome it.

They showed a lot of character and a lot of heart. They played hard to the last whistle.

They move the ball well, but have had trouble punching it in (the end zone). They have big kids up the middle. We've got to know they're hungry to get in the end zone.

They tackle very well and are aggressive on defense. We've got our work cut out for us.

They've had two weeks to prepare for us, which gives them an advantage.

They do keep you guessing, and they execute well.

It's been about five years since we've had a home win.

He's the kind of runner that if you let him get out in the open, he's very elusive in the open field. He has also gotten good blocking from his line. We're looking to stop him first and with any luck make them beat us somewhere else.