"Daniel Grafton "Dan" Hill IV" is a Canadians/Canadian pop music/pop singer and songwriter. He had two major international hits with his songs "Sometimes When We Touch" and "Can't We Try", a duet with Vonda Shepard, as well as a number of other charting singles in Canada and the United States.

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This is a place to start. It's the first planting of something to grow.

Troy pitched well when he was in there.

If we can help people see that it's not just a race, that it's an opportunity to build life-long friendships, conquer challenges together and strengthen communities, then we think we will have succeeded.

He did really well today. Get used to that name, he'll be doing some great things.

It was quite different then Saturday's game. We definitely hit today.

Justin did a nice job for his first varsity start. He struck out six, while walking only one.

After the first inning we let up. We've got be more aggressive to be competitive.