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We just took it to them and got them in foul trouble. We got some big three's from Jacqueline and some big shots from Sara. We just exploded on offense and were patient.

Nikki Tartaglia

Andy Chaney was a big reason we got that run in the first half with those threes.

Randy Lambert

The worst part was (our play) late in the second quarter and early in the third quarter. We weren't scoring, and they were hitting threes, and that's not a good combination.

Billy Mack Steed

We can't let them shoot the threes on us like last time. But these kids don't want to lose anymore, and they want to go farther. We'll see what happens.

Clair Costello

They will chuck the threes and come at you.

Lonnie Tvrdy

We had a very good first quarter. We got out and got going an hit those threes.

Doug Pesicka

Have fun, knock down some threes and see what happens in the last four minutes.

Mark Trakh

I was hitting some (threes) in warm-ups. After I made my first one, I had some more confidence and I kept shooting.

Kerry Loughran

That was big, but then you've got to get back and play defense, and that's what we didn't do. I had that feeling that (Richmond) would hit some threes.

Dwight Littlefield

The saying that celebrity deaths come in threes is a very old one.

Patricia Bell

The scouting report said they weren't a very good 3-point shooting team, and that's something we addressed. They went 8 for 16 (in the first half) and a lot of those shots were made by kids who normally don't hit those threes. So I said 'stay patient, I don't think they'll drop in the second half.' And sure enough, they didn't.

Dave Heiss

Jake was awesome tonight, there's no question about it. He hit some clutch shots, he rose up for some jumpers, and then the threes were there.

Steve Joslyn

I was guarding her, and I wasn't expecting her to throw up those threes, but she did.

Katie Murphy

They've been telling me to shoot threes for a long time. I finally spotted up and hit a couple.

Gianni Beer

Things quickly got away from us there in that third quarter. They hit some big threes, and then we started to press and ended up taking a lot of bad shots.

Robb Berger

We didn't play well enough to win. It was a situation of playing against the game a little bit. Foul shots is against the game. Open threes is against the game. LIU played well and they beat us, but we lost it, too.

Dave Bike

It was good to have Amanda back. She takes some pressure off of the other players. She did a good job tonight. Marion played hard. Caitlyn had a good game and Haley hit a couple of threes for us. Jenny always does well and tonight was no different.

James Cochran

We noticed in the paper they liked to shoot a lot of threes and we wanted to take that away from them.

Tom Moffett

T.A. (Aldridge) made us shoot 100 threes a day, then I would shoot 100 more at home. You get tired, but it pays off.

Brittany Bush

We're going to have to shoot the ball well. Everybody says that; nobody seems to be able to do it against that tough defense. We're going to have to knock some threes down and really make them score in the half-court. They do a great job scoring in transition.

Matt Fine