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The fact that the great scientist believed in flying machines was the one thing that encouraged us to begin our studies.

Wilbur Wright

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It was the highest doses, well beyond those examined in previous studies, that were most beneficial.

Andrew Chan

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The studies that were done don't demonstrate that there will be gridlock. The important thing here is that you can't require one project to solve all the ills that have accumulated in the city and the county over years that are unrelated to that project.

Brian Finegan

There have been tests and studies done on a lot of these different filters and none of them are as good as they claim to be. For home use, they'd be just fine, but for library use...it would block some things that adults have the rights to see (like medical information).

Rosann Sanders

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Some patients aren't good candidates for current therapy strategies. Plus recent studies suggest that diet may play an important role in the development and recurrence of prostate cancer.

Aaron Katz

The high concentration of lead in the air and soils of the site and high blood lead levels in the local population were well known from studies conducted in the pre-conflict period of 1999. UNMIK has been aware of the threat to the health of the inhabitants of these camps from at least 2000. Yet, nothing has been done to relocate them.

Sian Jones

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He who studies medicine without books sails an uncharted sea, but he who studies medicine without patients does not go to sea at all.

Sir William Osler

There are no clinical studies that show it's an effective weight loss agent.

Adam Myers

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Studies have shown that you need seven to eight hours of sleep per night for maximum health.

Melanie Krauthoff

This was part of my minor, which is religious studies.

Steve Buoni

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[Researchers at the American Cancer Society compared the risk of dying among overweight people in two of its studies-one done from 1982 to 1991 and another from 1998 to 2002.] Instead of decreasing, ... the relative risk of dying among the overweight actually increased over time.

Michael Thun

Our findings of decreased high school drinking have been replicated in several other national studies and using a variety of measures. What is also clear is that college drinking is not in decline.

John Pryor

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We're building a whole public health strategy based on these drugs, extrapolating a huge amount from a few small studies. How could you say they are efficacious? We don't know. Given that governments are spending millions, it's unconscionable that companies aren't giving more answers.

Laurie Garrett

Research studies to determine the increasing mortality rate and its link with HIV/Aids have not been undertaken.

Bheki Manzini

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Studies on some of areas began last year, but will continue this year.

Armando Zamora

They have studies that have shown where as few as one pellet resulted in about 50 percent mortality after 21 days. They forced feed doves in pens.

Jay Roberson

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This means that we can now afford to do those studies.

Peter Donnelly

There are no studies that have generated any data on the outcome of the human consumption of peyote for religious purposes or for illegal purposes.

John Halpern

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Hiring consultants to do these studies seems to have nothing to do with the original purpose of the panel. We're concerned about the direction the panel is taking.

Barbara Ward

Our studies indicate that the trend that is the defining characteristic of human evolution - the growth of brain size and complexity - is likely still going on. If our species survives for another million years or so, I would imagine that the brain by then would show significant structural differences from the human brain of today.

Bruce T. Lahn

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