Here will be an old abusing of God's patience and the king's English.

William Shakespeare

O friend unseen, unborn, unknown, Student of our sweet English tongue, I never indulge in poetics - Unless I am down with rheumatics.

Quintus Ennius

If the English language made any sense, a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.

Doug Larson

The English language was carefully, carefully cobbled together by three blind dudes and a German dictionary.

Dave Kellett

Me fail english? Thats unpossible.

Matt Groening

I have had the opportunity to have a shave and relax in the bath and have a good English breakfast.

Norman Kember

English came out to win this game (Wednesday).

Jim Dakin

My father and he had one of those English friendships which begin by avoiding intimacies and eventually eliminate speech altogether.

Jorge Luis Borges

We can't communicate. I don't speak Japanese and he doesn't speak English.

Kevin Appier

The English are polite by telling lies. The Americans are polite by telling the truth.

Malcolm Bradbury

All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity.

Gordie Howe

There is always contact and I think my style of play would fit the English league well.

Gerald Asamoah

He said in real good English, 'Did one of my soldiers take anything from you?

Mario Tonelli

She felt she wasn't ready. She wanted to work on her English a little more.

Kevin Cory

In English we were reading the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' and the people of African-American descent, there were only two of us in the class.

Todd Davis

If there's anything I'd hate as a son-in-law, it's an actor; and if there's anything I think I'd hate worse than an actor as a son-in-law, it's an English actor.

Joseph P. Kennedy

Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Henry James

Red lips are not so red/ As the stained stones kissed by the English dead.

Wilfred Owen

Every English poet should master the rules of grammar before he attempts to bend or break them.

Robert Graves

In her quiet way, Mary English mattered a lot.

John Ellsworth