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Land is available to every Zimbabwean who wants it.

Joseph Made

We anticipate that when she makes a full recovery she'll be available for adoption.

Steve Lokker

We're disappointed at the prospect of losing him. We've reluctantly agreed to make him available.

Gary Hetherington

The will is definitely there to do it. It really comes down to when the money is available.

Patricia Douglas

She's got some time this evening if you're available.

Sophia Collier

AOL Instant Messenger is available to everyone.

Ann Brackbill

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Tell them that the drummer is fully available.

Josh Martin

We're using every piece of equipment and every driver we have available.

Tim Collins

Is far more people are available to watch these games at 5 o'clock than 1 o'clock.

Dan Bellack

He has a good grip on the players and with resources available to him, he will do well.

Fidelis Mhonda

We need to hear about what is available today.

Lewis Pitts

Treatment is available. It's (addictive) and … treatment works.

Craig Hill

As a consumer, I have the right to information that's available to me.

James Meeks

There is no information available as to the reasons for granting these loans.

Ronnie Mamoepa

It just had everything that was available at that time.

Susan Mays

I'm certainly hopeful that we will have this money available to us this summer.

Kris Mayes

This is just to post all of our information on the Web site so it's available to anyone, anywhere.

Councilwoman Shari Mackin

Part of that is realizing the wealth of American music available.

Michael Levine

We are developing it in annual increments. We have to do it as money becomes available.

Susan Michaels

But there are other sites available.

Bob Williford

We're seeing that there is not as much gasoline available as is being consumed.

Kelly Matthews

All this information is available at one glance. You don't have to manually do anything.

Nikhil Bhatla

I'm available by appointment also if those hours don't work. I'm pretty flexible.

Jeanie Pitzenberger

We went through the services at the college and what we have available.

Corlis Mcgee

I have about 50 animals near Zapata. There isn't a lot of hay available right now.

Saul Hinojosa

What we created was 10 times better than anything available on the market at that time.

Carol Latham

We've got a long way to go. There still are a lot of points available.

Randy Carlyle

If there's anything available in aviation, they've probably already beaten down the door on it.

Gary Long

Starting yesterday, we activated our volunteers and found how many and which ones would be available.

David Pollock

They realized there weren't any services available at that time.

Barbara Lindsay

We're getting the best available umpires that we can.

Randy Mobley

This starts to bring out the promise of corporate applications available anytime, anywhere.

Todd Bradley

You're available 24/7. You have to be.

Tom Lee

It is 90% sure Leigh will be available for selection.

Sean Holley

If my good offices are needed, I'm always available.

Richard Roth

There is even one that is the color of a Hershey's Kiss, but it is not available in this country yet.

Julie Maruskin

If you ever need me, I'm available.

Wilburn Snyder

We know there's more need than funding available.

Dennis Schain

We have not made commitments to make our territory and airspace available.

Islam Karimov

To me, this is about preserving history and making it available to everyone.

Sergey Brin

The Perkins Loan is the best student loan available.

Bruce Caplin

We thought there was an opportunity in a more general way for anybody to make content available to us.

Salar Kamangar

The wine I make is not available for under $30. There's no way for me to make money here.

Lance Cutler

There's some optimism available, but obviously it's a competitive market.

Kevin Kelley

There's supply available, but we have to make sure we don't have a run on stocks.

John Eichberger

Everybody knows that there is more need than funds available.

Dennis Schain

Our goal with the partnership is to make more fuel available.

Dave Barthmuss

There aren't a lot of jobs available for people entering the field.

Paul Russell

We're hoping to get all the bonus available.

Steve Hoover

That is not available anywhere else in Louisiana.

Michelle Perkins

We're not sure when. All we know is that it was supposed to be available from September.

Michael Lee

He cares about the needy and was always available to help in any capacity.

Don Beck

We do have some resources available. If one makes sense, I would.

Allard Baird

There's a lot of new money available, and we're not getting any of it.

Scott Plotkin

It depends totally on money and when it becomes available.

William Hargrove

We have direct access to her so, if she has any questions for us we are available night or day.

Nina Rioja

All we want to provide is the part of the care that is not available.

Nancy Collins

It's much more difficult to find the kind of projects that were available 20 years ago.

Dennis O'brien

We feel there is already widespread broadband available today.

John Britton

I see myself being available if they choose to activate me.

Taylor Jacobs

Every student should have every means available to achieve their full potential.

Stephen Bates

Your range of available choices -- right now -- is limitless.

Frederick (carl) Frieseke

For me it is completely clear that our air bases in Germany would be available to the Americans.

Helmut Kohl

More things (like these) will be available after clearing up the spectrum.

Rebecca Fisher

The only place we still use HP-UX is where the application is not available under Linux. Our goal is to run anything we can on Linux.

Tony Miller

So the integration available today makes the process much more affordable.

Clint Oram

That way we'll be able to set aside some money to purchase land when it becomes available.

James O'brien

They do a good job, they're available, and very helpful.

Joseph Lewis

It's very nice. Whenever its available, we can play.

Jay Watson

We're still looking to see what's available.

Brian Phillips

We will do this on an urgent basis by using the infrastructure available.

Debasish Sen

If people have the technology readily available to them they will use it, but they aren't going to go out and buy it.

Martin Cook

There's holes available. You just have to get to the gaps.

Frank Beamer

It's homemade, cheap and readily available.

Karen Tandy

Like we always said, all options are available in regards to our offer.

Michael Grabicki

We don't have a tool available that enables us to tailor our treatments for Alzheimer's.

P. Murali Doraiswamy

If there is a positive test available, this is the only way the IAAF can proceed.

Istvan Gyulai

We're working on having it available for all customers of all carriers.

Ingrid Reisman

There's not much money available.

Jiang Yuan

Now the opportunity is available and we're very happy we did it. We've been impressed on how accepted we've been.

Steve Kapur

Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life.

Kitty O'neill Collins

They have made generators available to us in certain areas.

Pansy Tlakula

I think San Antonio was (promoters') first option. But they couldn't find an arena that was available.

Lester Bedford

We are going with the newest technology available.

Rebecca Morgan

Commercially available software should fit most needs.

Larry Allen

The appropriate punishment for ... these vicious acts ... will be available in the federal system.

Charles Hynes

But he might even be available for the match at Hull on Friday.

Colin Lee

We took it quite seriously and responded with every available deputy we had in that area.

Kevin Doll

There are not enough priests available for us to continue as we have in the past.

Jane Marrin

The carnival is a kid-friendly environment. There will be games available for all ages.

Lori Stephenson

I'm not sure there's a big win available. You've got to hit a bunch of singles.

Charlie Black

At the time, there weren't any dates available.

Scott Bennett

If you make it available, people will do the right thing.

John Travis

For an older record buyer, there is much more available now.

Darren Clark

It was already available, it doesn't change the picture at all.

Carlos Hokama

FEMA has asked us for temporary housing land that we have available.

Robert Leblanc

We have to exhaust all the land available in the district before thinking of else where.

Prof. Mondo Kagonyera

There is nothing more that can be done. Everything we do is now available to licensees as well.

Horacio Gutierrez

We've got everything, from vintage aircraft all the way to the most current aircraft available.

Chris Ball

The more medical services available - the better I feel.

Bob Wheeler

It makes it easier to sell as they become available.

Bob Glaser

You could say it is the most advanced propulsion system available. There are a whole lot of features on it.

Bart Olson

Access to information is really not available to folks.

Janette Brimmer

We don't have much money available for imports.

Shamkhi Faraj

Basically the two-wheel drive was not made available to us.

Gerry Jenkins

I cannot be available for the election campaign. This is not possible. Every day there is a hearing.

Ayman Nour

There are not many places available.

Jeff Palmer

There are no apartments available. No houses.

Billy Nelson

The sample is available no matter what. That's a big bonus.

Frantisek Turecek

We have a lot more tools available to reach potential customers.

Marty Collins

The ruling has not in any way affected the available evidence in this case.

Stan Lowe

There are 20 grades of turkey breast available. We use the top of the line.

Jim Lampe

We should be widely available because of the local appeal.

Chris Bevilacqua

It changes depending on when bands are available.

Mark Machnic

We had an event cancelled and we saw this available at the last minute.

Karle Byrd

I find out Peter Hyams was available, so I just called him and said, 'Can you help us out?' He said OK.

David Goyer

There was no material information available to me at that time.

Sam Waksal

We had to come out here and this is their home field. We're the higher seed, but this was the only field that was available.

Rose Antonio

If we had 10,000 more people available, we could put them to work immediately.

Jim Funk

They should all be available after the [round three] bye.

John Lang

So, the footprint is small and a lot of the area is still available to others.

Barry Milavetz

They're in a less-specialized area and so I think this will be a better solution in the end and that's why we made it available.

Robert Hofmann

Available for any mental health counseling.

Howard Johnson

Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available.

Jim Beggs

I would like to have some of this state money that's supposed to be available.

Sherrie Barrentine

There should be extra money available for traveling.

Calvin Brown

If they ask if it was filmed in Wyoming, we tell them no. If they don't ask, we just tell them about the activities that are available in Wyoming.

Diane Shober

Disclosures are only as useful as they are available.

Susan Wyderko

We have to use all legal remedies available to us.

Henry Oppenheimer

What we've done is adjust our operations for the available work.

Forrest Gossett

We'll see what the Lord's got available for me, ... Hopefully, it'll be OK.

Eric Reynolds

We certainly would be open for community access on an as-available basis.

Eric Hall

There are sights that specialize in listing out all the codes that are available.

Edgar Dworsky