Our intent was originally to park on the lake bed. That was plan A. We've got a Plan B. There's lots of room. We want to save some space by having people carpool.

Kids make mistakes. You just have to make sure the kid knows the difference between right and wrong and is willing to change. That's what I saw when I recruited him and that's what I see right now.

One or two intermediaries approached us and suggested they could influence the votes. We turned them down. We certainly didn't set out to influence people other than give them a pot of Cape gooseberry jam.

We are very pleased to see the police acting so swiftly. None of us - residents, police and council - will tolerate anti-social behaviour of any kind.

We are very concerned at the number of jobs that will be lost and are hoping to work with the company to help those affected.

We keep, I want to say a vigilant eye on it and make sure we keep the roads safe for everyone here, it's a tough job but we do it.

We've got everything, from vintage aircraft all the way to the most current aircraft available.

We suggest to our clients, customers need to be proactive and make those phone calls.

We thought we would be going there as it is the first game and Wales see it as their banker green.