Our work with students no longer begins when they're starting kindergarten, ... It starts much earlier than that. It's also true our work with kids doesn't end with graduation. It continues well beyond that.

There was very little done to support those students who had special needs, ... The district didn't have it's own social worker and much of the support staff was overburdened giving I.Q. tests and hearing tests as oppose to truly being pro-active in the child's development.

Every student should have every means available to achieve their full potential.

It was the difference between night and day.

Over the last 5 years GL have greatly impressed us with their open and collaborative approach to partnerships. The announcement today takes this collaboration another step and will enable users of the GL TRADE environment to manage their environment more effectively, increase trade profitability and maintain a high level of service that will be the envy of their competitors.

It's something they've never tried on with the British media, ... There's been quite an effort, and it's a question of who's doing whom a favor, to be honest - whether it's the Americans doing the royals and the British tourism industry a favor, or whether we're doing you a favor by sending you the heir to our throne.