Most broker products are just doing basic Web services connectivity, ... The Process Server goes beyond that and provides a lot more capability. In fact, inside the Process Server is the ESB. The ESB is just an enabler for the whole environment.

We believe over time, customers will move to more function and higher scales sets of infrastructures. Customers needed an entry point to do SOA based on Web services.

Knowing these people, most of them are hunters, trappers, farmers, they're not going to wait on FEMA or anyone else. They're going to do what they need to do. They're used to primitive conditions.

We plan to introduce a family of appliances.

All they (FEMA) said is that they will send somebody to see, whatever that means.

It's a product of itself based on Web services standards, built on top of WebSphere Application Server, ... We've always viewed ESB as a set of patterns and we still do. What we are hearing from the customers is there are certain patterns they like to see brought together and the WebSphere ESB handles that Web services open pattern.

FEMA has asked us for temporary housing land that we have available.

Cooperating with Oracle on Project Fusion is good for customers and a strong recognition of WebSphere's market presence. We've worked together on J.D. Edwards, PeopleSoft and other similar projects, so we welcome Oracle's Fusion applications on WebSphere.