"Eric Hall" is a former showbiz and Sports agent/football agent famous for his flamboyant public persona, outlandish fashion sense and catchphrase "Monster, monster …".

After an early career as a singer/Tiny Tim) and actor, he became a publicist for EMI Records in the 1970s, during which time he arranged the Sex Pistols' notorious, expletive-filled appearance on the Today show in 1976.

In 1986 a chance meeting with Steve Perryman lead to him becoming a football agent and he built up a roster of clients who included John Fashanu, Justin Fashanu, Dean Holdsworth, Neil Ruddock, John Scales, Tim Sherwood, Terry Venables, Paul Walsh and Dennis Wise.

In 1995 he co-hosted a Friday evening show on Talk Radio UK with Caesar the Geezer and Gary Jacobs (solicitor)/Gary Jacobs.

In 1997 he had a health scare when he contracted Escherichia coli/E.coli poisoning and Septicaemia but he went on to make a full recovery.

In 2001 his company, Eric Hall Management Ltd was put into liquidation by the High Court of Justice/High Court.

From October 2009 to December 2012, he presented a 2-hour Sunday afternoon show on BBC Essex, Monster Memories.

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We've done everything at this program except win a national championship. This would be a pretty good year to do it.

What happens is the principals hide the job during the placement of the consolidated teachers. Then, once they're gone, they magically discover they have that job.

I think going through that stuff made him a better person. When you go through adversity in life, it helps you on the football field.

We certainly would be open for community access on an as-available basis.

You see people who are just being creative - they came up with the costume, the dance - the whole thing is someone's labor of love.

There's an old joke that strippers work for money and burlesque dancers work for applause. For many of them, it's not the way they make a living - they just do it because they like to do it.

I'm not very surprised with what our record is, just because everyone is so talented. We're all young. We just have to take our bumps and stay positive with each other.

I think they should have a choice where they want to live. I don't think it should matter.

The last half against Duluth we had trouble on defense and we need to improve on that. We sometimes have problems with our communication. Our reactions are a little slow; we just need to hustle.