"Scot(t) Bennett" is the name of:

*Scott Bennett (footballer) (born 1980), West Coast Eagles player

*Scott Bennett (librarian), Yale University Librarian Emeritus

*Scott Bennett (musician), a musician for Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys

* Scot Bennett (born 1990), English football defender

*Scott M. Bennett, member of the Illinois Senate since 2015

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I don't think most people would leave a dog in the street that way, much less a person.

I just wish somebody would come forward and say this is what happened.

This isn't 'Joe Hack' playing on the Hooters Tour. The difference between those guys and the PGA Tour is only about a couple strokes.

At the time, there weren't any dates available.

This will be world-class golf and we won't have to drive to Chicago to see it. This is a major thing. There will be a lot of future PGA players right here in our area.

We have to, this is our future.

The stuff he did is just astronomical. He power cleaned as much (360 pounds) as our starting (offensive) tackle. That's a big number.

You know, just doing everything he could to get away just brings the anger out.

Those are the best 18 holes we've got. They're also the easiest to walk, and these guys will be walking the whole tournament.