In the absence of facts, the IAAF cannot and will not do anything.

A lot of attention needs to be focused on athletics in Britain, especially now the 2012 Olympics will be held there.

According to our information the Greek team leader was informed but not the athletes. To our mind this doesn't constitute a refusal.

We follow the ethics of our British friends with some anxiety.

The consequences are implied. If the result is annulled, you don't get the medals for a result that doesn't stand. If someone is not eligible, that athlete cannot have a valid result.

If there is a positive test available, this is the only way the IAAF can proceed.

It certainly is a positive signal and indicates a desire and wish to show the world that they want to have a clean sport.

We have no problem with that. Whether or not they can compete in the trials, we leave it in the hands of USA Track & Field.

We don't consider it a triumph. We consider it our moral obligation.