We are concerned that many investors aren't taking appropriate precautions when accessing their online brokerage accounts.

We treat callers as if they were our own mother or a relative.

Six months ago, we really hadn't heard much about this kind of problem, but now we are seeing reports of these cases, and it concerns us greatly.

The more layers of security you have, the better off you are.

Already we are seeing e-mails touting stocks on the basis of hurricane activity in the Gulf (of Mexico).

People seem to sometimes buy on the basis of spam e-mails in a situation where I'm not sure they would if it weren't coming over the Internet. If somebody found an anonymous tip in the mail, you'd throw it out, or it's junk mail. Culturally we know that.

We often see opportunistic pitches like this following disasters.

Disclosures are only as useful as they are available.