She's got some time this evening if you're available.

A lot of people are learning about our technology for the first time, ... We will be able to have a new nationwide video system that would be launched in competition with franchise cable companies.

This is an interesting time in the investing world, ... There are so many things that are happening that are new. There are so many ways for investors to get involved.

My grandmother was quite an intrepid woman, ... She was somebody I admired a great deal, who took an interest in me and encouraged me to be all I could be and get out in the world.

So much of being a success is perseverance as much as ideas.

We find socially responsible companies in every sector and virtually every industry, ... It seems such a natural way to invest ? Why buy into liabilities and hidden risks that are created by poor practices? It's a good way to assess companies.

It's not socially irresponsible to be stupid.

He recognized more quickly that he was wrong and he could change courses, ... You need to identify if you're on the wrong course and correct it - and not give up.