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Humidity would be a thing that would hurt a team from this area.

Dick Tomey

The athletes were more accustomed to the area and we had a better plan. In general it was a better event.

Paul Huddle

Lafayette and the whole area are really booming.

John Myers

We were serving an arrest warrant in the area.

Officer Jose Sousa

This area has suffered terribly.

Tom Bingham

They had some tragedies up in that area, right up under your nose.

Charles Miller

Let's focus first on the hub area, make that a great place.

Ruth Mcheyser

I'd love to see teachers from the Joliet area apply.

Joanne Wheeler

Most of the ad money will go to the Bay Area and the capital city.

Adam Jacobson

Auditors are in a grey area and they are more replaceable.

Donald Light

Even to residents of the area, it's really unknown.

Ron Shindoll

Yes, it is under control. There is no area under immediate threat.

Pat Adams

Certainly that's what we see in our area as well. Marijuana is as insidious as alcohol.

Lance Penny

We never really had this down on paper, it was a gray area. Now we finally have it down on paper.

Dan Weakley

We have a deep commitment for the arts and the artists in the area.

Peter Cohen

That he was in the same area (as the athletes) created quite some concern for us.

Arne Ljungqvist

There is a lot of racial prejudice in northwest Ohio, in this area.

Don Barnett

It's a lawless area.

Patrick Moody

Perhaps an area that has been farmed would be a much better option.

Orlando Foote

If we have reps in that area, maybe we'll [be able to] investigate it.

Will Perry

If you don't have permission ? and we require written permission ? than you're not allowed to ride in an area.

Angelo Bitsis

That's where the gray area is.

Ron Stone

I hear from our area manager it's an area that's starting to get revived.

Patrick Rainey

That 9:28 area is exactly where he'll need to be at state to medal.

Brad Bevis

Is a very touchy area for lawyers.

John Gleason

You need housing in this area.

John Wilmot

Asia is the biggest growth area.

Thomas Enders

We're taking full advantage of the area, so there's no dead space at all.

David Ricks

We don't have any leads that would take us out of this area.

Mike Haley

That's the area that we hope to have back on before the end of today.

Laurie Parker

They're proud of their southern Illinois area heritage.

Brendan Roberts

This area is growing incredibly and some of it is very well-intentioned. But there needs to be accountability.

Dan Langan

This area is the retail center of the county.

Wayne Daltry

These are some of the top builders in our area who really dropped the ball on this.

Denise Sutton

We're assuming he's still in the area, ... That's where he's from.

Bob Merrill

When the Teamsters came into the area, we were curious.

Stace Thompson

This is not an unusual occurrence. We've had accidents in that area before. It does happen.

Joy Hill

It's an area that our vice unit actually does do operations frequently.

Javier Sambrano

You are working in a hard area to get to, and it's tough to see.

Dr. Ronald Macintyre

See the hawk? It's a little bit of nature in a really highly developed area.

Susan Hood

If there's anything on the ground in the area of the start, it's ice.

Stan Hooley

It will definitely help in that area.

Mark Phelan

We are very concerned about that area of the business right now.

Robert M. Hamilton

That is extremely high in an area that is not already urbanized.

Jack Larson

We're just dealing with the demographics in the area.

Herbert Mitchell

He seems to be involved in all things baseball in this area.

Paul Melvin

There is just a horrendous deer population in that area. We saw 30 deer every day.

Aaron Lindemann

I have never heard one good thing in comments from miners about that area.

John Sparkman

You need an expert in any area where the prosecution used an expert.

Randy Gioia

The whole coastal area is severely, severely damaged.

Robert Barnes

So far, it appears they may be a new family group to the Many Glacier area.

Melissa Wilson

The goal has always been to keep agriculture the No. 1 industry in the area.

Arlene S. Hall

We're all interested in upping the property values of this area.

Jerry Mitchell

There will be a good view from basically anywhere in the downtown area.

Gail Rogora

The San Francisco Bay Area [is] the playpen of countercultures.

R. Z. Sheppard

We're back to the old standby ? we're the most affordable area in the county.

John Mcwilliams

This was a good area for boxing. A lot of these towns would have teams. It was the thing to do.

Weldon Benton

We've even included an area where families can dine with residents.

Bob Chase

This is not an area someone would have just stumbled across.

James Maddock

Really, the icing on the cake, would be to get a teaching job in the area.

Ted Rioux

The ham operator will contact the ham operator in the area affected and try and determine where these people may be .

George Garrett

The major force in this area is the vehicles.

Robert Day

The ski industry is not very financially rewarding in this area.

Mark Schultz

The whole purpose ... is to eliminate as much of the gray area that we can.

Pete Saco

It would look like an area hit by nuclear explosion.

Amr Elnashai

We do have some of the largest schools in the area, and I don't think that's where we want to be.

Superintendent Levi Wingard

The shooting has taken place in an area frequented by the Tigers.

Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe

The protection area will not need to be changed.

Josef Duben

Obviously the area is making up for that decline.

Michael Wald

We try to find hospitals that excel not in just one area but across the board.

Scott Shapiro

This disagreement that has been happening has been affecting the volunteer area.

Linda Turner

Usually, when you're one of the better kids in your area, there's a lot of people that try to talk to you.

Deon Butler

We will not overlook any area during these investigations.

Bob Friend

There is no reason for anybody to be concerned about any contaminants in this area.

Bobby Siller

That color of brick seems to be unique to this area.

Bryan K. Trubey

We've got a little more than a week to get better, because the area tournament is going to be a war.

Bill Lutz

There has been a tremendous amount of wealth that we have seen come into our area.

Steve High

The area [is getting] an excellent young man.

Pat Sperduto

If a private company were to start activities in the area.

Shoichi Nakagawa

This is an area of emphasis for development. He's an early adopter.

Justin Ohlemiller

There is really no gray area.

Mike Durand

I'd had recommendations from friends and family to get into the programming area.

Dan Thompson

This is a tremendous area. Is there a musical heritage?

John Elkington

We are the only counties that work together to market our area for agriculture.

Arlene S. Hall

We want the Norton area to be able to support itself.

Mike Bundy

It's an area where most people may not have much knowledge.

Larry Makinson

That's not my area.

Frank Arnesen

The fire was very intense in that area, it did breach the fuselage.

Frank Hilldrup

If it's adjacent to a city's incorporated area, I have no problem.

Rosa Durando

This is the product of some 30 years of illegal logging in the area.

Roger Mercado

It needs to be an area that is easy for tourists to find and be able to get to.

Paul Blanchard

The Bay Area is shaped by fire. We tend to forget it.

Jennifer Chapman

It's taking ideas and applying them in a new area, mostly.

Bruce Hartsough

Gangs make it obvious. They want you to know they are there, that this is their area.

Sgt. Gary Kemper

If we were able to obtain those orders and make that product, you would see this area booming.

Mark Glyptis

But we do have some here, so it is an appropriate name in this area as well.

Dale Carson

There wasn't an arena or an area it wasn't involved in.

Colm O'gorman

The strikers are a problem area.

Laurent Robert

This street is so built up we would cut driveways. It would be better to shift to another area.

Shannon Staub

Even though it was affected by the hurricane, it wasn't in the area where the levee broke.

Patrick Duffy

People protesting the closure don't live in the area.

Deborah Smith

We don't have anything to protect this particular area.

Jennifer Cowley

We're unique to this area, that's how we survive.

Fred Shafer

We're looking in the area but nothing is definite.

Carol Hively

We think it's going to revitalize the whole area.

Darryl Leech

This area is ripe for some urban landscape of mixed use.

Paul Gagnon

We can go in a seven county area.

Glenna Borho

It could be the warmest on record in the Chicago/Minneapolis area.

Todd Crawford

Language is the key to understanding people in an area.

Gerald Lampe

It's a great recruiting tool for us. So it's a win-win in every which area you look at it.

Josh Pastner

We are ready, willing and able to do that. We don't think that best for the area.

Michael Haymans

We are early enough to get the people in the area that we need to get.

Paul Slavin

Most of the shooting took place in this area here.

Chris Dunshee

Every coach in the area loves that kid.

Kyle Penney

They have a lot of mystique. They're the standard in this area.

Jason Cimino

We're set up to be a major research facility for the world, really, in this area.

Tom Jennings

There is no search area now because we don't know where they are.

Bill Miskell

The area is rich in local history.

Marian Schneider

That's the area they're assigned to. They won't be called away.

Kevin Honea

It's a very unpredictable area. Weather can change on a heartbeat.

Karen Parker

We're not sure of the cause, but there was severe lightning in the area.

Roger Nicholson

This is a unique project because of the sensitive area.

Teri Banka

It's gonna end up being a good net gain for the area in jobs.

John Jarvis

This is a very large area. There are a lot of people affected by this.

Virginia Littrell

We have no democracy in the most important area of our lives ... work.

Ralph Leck

We didn't get much rain in this area from the hurricane.

Thomas Pittman

I'm concerned about the anxiety and stress of the families here in Newton and in the Amana area.

Tom Vilsack

You have to prioritize who would be able to get into this ICU and who would be able to be transferred to another area.

Joe Gillis

Bay Area ... On the Go!

Jennifer M. Granholm

Jessy will not be put down. The family has requested that she be adopted, but by a family not in the area.

Mark Grossman

This is one area that we ask China to make a further improvement.

Dr. Shigeru Omi

This is an area with a tremendous amount of innovation right now.

Tim O'reilly

This is no disrespect to the neighbors, but this area is going to develop.

Thomas Maul

The Broken Top area is my favorite. It has the best vistas.

Jarl Berg

One concern has been liability even in a constrained area.

Fritz Reese

Our vision was to serve the whole area.

Nancy Collins

We offer area businesses an informed workforce.

Margaret Schoelles

We've noticed customer interest in this area.

Jerry Shields

I work in this area, and I don't even know what some of those things are referring to.

Margo Wootan

He's the best keeper in this area, and he's one of the best in the state.

Carl Sousa

We've never had anything this big, this widespread of an area before. Those numbers are going to go up.

Holly Hawkins

It will have a lasting impact on the area.

Jan Perry

It was like the April showers came early in the area.

David Humphrey

I've worked in this area for about 15 years. It's beautiful, but it's remote.

Thomas Payne

It's never been an area where salmon could reach.

Dave Kvamme

If you're in that area, stay tuned.

Jeff Evans

Looks like it's not going to have a big impact for our area.

Bob Collins

It's going to affect the entire area, and the river's going to go up.

Tom Kelley

I don't know anything about this area. How do I get around or know where the job is?

Henry Banks

I think we pay very well compared to other retailers in the area.

Jeff Koch

This is an area where we see growth.

Larry Williams

It's time to put a stop to some things that are happening in this area.

Paulette Dean

Some of them were in the area and heard about the fire and came on the scene to see if there was anything they could do.

Teddy Wolfe

We have a significant number of stores in the New York area.

Andrew Mastrangelo

It was a good Christmas for electronics. It was a hot area. There's some good momentum.

David Keuler

That will be a great event with a well-known act coming through the area.

Ben Haines

We feel it would be a nice addition to our club and the area in general.

Barb Flammond

This was great for area basketball. Fans saw a lot of good basketball.

Paul Sapotichne

This is not a seismically active area. It's unusual for the region to be shaken that way.

Butch Kinerney

If I thought there was any area of conflict, I would never have agreed to serve.

Jack Smith

It's just a very generous area.

Mary Kuehn

This is an area where we specifically agree there's a better way to implement public access.

Donna Cupelo

You have customers, you have traffic in the area, you have familiarity.

Aaron Edwards

The only way we could get to them was by helicopter. Every one of them is considered an environmentally sensitive area.

Peter Weiss

Luckily we're not in a malaria-prone area.

Andrew Titus

Although it's not a big area now, it will be in the future. We want to stake out our territory.

Nigel Newton

We wouldn't close or fence off the area.

Tim Mcguire

We are excited about finalizing our new location in the Greenville area.

Jay Alexander

There's a great area to hang out and wait.

Orlando Veras

We've had a lot of interest from people in this area of the country.

Mike Hines

I'd love to see this area benefit, even though it's to the detriment of the eastern end.

Robert Greenleaf

That's probably the most abused area in school bus safety.

Billy Hines

It's a tremendous growth area for us.

Jim Ballard

It's a whole area that is untapped.

Jim Raper

I think this is a major area of international law that has yet to be settled.

Mark Potok

We're moving up to the Atlanta area.

Greg Baloga

This is a fraction of what I have paid for massages elsewhere in the area.

Tabitha Shanley

You can see what the drug trade has done to this area.

Bonnie Summers

This is just another area where they screwed up.

Richard Walden

We don't see any reason to change. This was not a bad area they were in.

James Russell Lowell

We will do anything in our power to bring this event to the Tampa Bay area.

Paul Catoe

These numbers put our area in the top 10 bird counts in all of North America.

David Suddjian

Selling overnight has led the metal to $265/oz but for now the metal should remain in the $265/oz to $280/oz area.

James Moore

Every area was really successful. It was a slam-dunk.

Angela Rabke

We currently have no plans for a Target in your area.

Joshua Thomas

Devices are an area where technology rapidly fuses with medicine.

Amit Hazan

There wasn't any lightning in the area at the time so that's what led to the investigation.

Christie Kalkowski

What I can see is it kind of started in the general area right here.

Tim Mccune

His dream has not changed, but the area around has changed drastically.

Dennis Burke

The camera issue is a gray area.

Gene Nolan

That's a real area of concern for us.

Brian Roper

Obviously once you cross the area boundary you're on your own.

Brent Curtain

It's a wonderful education area.

Alan Lambert

We thought the $3 million to $10 million area was underserved.

David Nussbaum

That's going to have a tremendous effect on our area.

Neil Hummel

A lot of churches in this area are doing that.

Bob Roberts

In the Dayton area anymore you use to see vehicles drive by and there would be a lot of smoke. We don't see that in the area anymore.

John Paul

We've approached a few of the other businesses in this area and had a very positive response.

Dan Abrams

We just wanted to do something different for the area this summer.

Paul Maxwell

The administration is working with Congress in providing relief in this area.

Jeanie Mamo