I'm disappointed. I support my client and I am hopeful that the matter will openly be resolved. It's already on appeal and I'm hoping DCA will reverse the underlying ruling that allowed him to be convicted in the first place.

Warriors believed that a particular animal would represent the power in their heart. They would put that animal on their shield, and the power of the spirit would protect them.

I make shields that are reminiscent of what the Indians used in warfare. They could actually protect a person before guns came along, but afterwards it didn't do any good.

But we do have some here, so it is an appropriate name in this area as well.

They're doing all right. They're a faith-driven church and hopeful that things will turn out for them. I'm certain they will.

Each tree will give two gallons of sap in 24 hours.

Native Americans never took a stance; we've always respected the earth. Anytime we do something that will affect nature, we ask ourselves, how will this affect seven generations? The earth is our mother, the sky is our father, and everything in between is our brothers and sisters. Everybody deserves respect and the right to be listened to.