I can't coach, but it's ok, it's my players fault, they're just not producing. I can't get on the court for them, they have to get it done, there's nothing that I can do for them. Coaching is done in practice. Plays just don't matter when it comes to game time if your players cannot complete them and I can ot draw them up. Why should a team trust in me when I cannot coach?

John Swickrath

Basketball is like war in that offensive weapons are developed first, and it always takes a while for the defense to catch up.

Red Auerbach

[On the Spurs] It was like they've been playing all season. They have a tough defense, they dig inside. They are just a tough defensive team. They've got some big guys inside and they do a good job, especially at home.

Pau Gasol

Basketball teams, after the perfunctory lay-up drill, fall into the crowded isolation and personal style of 10 city kids shooting at the same basket or playing one-on-one.

Ted Solotaroff

These Liberty girls, they don't have sex, but you can always play in the mud!!

John Swickrath

Basketball ain't No. 1 no more, not now. Yes, it will hurt, but I've got to move on. School is important, that's all.

Kenny Harris

It wasn't intentional or anything like that. I was just playing basketball.

Jeff Adrien

I'm not just a basketball player. I've got other talents.

Tracy Mcgrady

Basketball isn't a fair game.

Jansen Hamilton

This is a lot of fun. Anytime you go to a football game and the score is like a basketball game, it's fun.

Kevin Erwin

Basketball is an up-and-down game. You have to be able to handle runs.

Paul Sather

We haven't had a lot of success in basketball and baseball.

Karen Loftgren

I'm out driving the kids to hockey or basketball or baseball. It was time for me to do something for myself.

Mary Macdonald

I think I'll work harder on basketball. I'm not sure I'll work more.

Taryn Clark

We didn't take care of our opportunities. When we needed to take care of the basketball, we didn't.

Chris Blackwell

We would still have athletics at Manual. We would still have basketball at every school.

Jeff Hanni

Jacob has gotten into better basketball shape.

Rob Ridnour

We need to care and go out there and play basketball.

Oliver Ristow

I think we did what we needed to do for 40 minutes of basketball.

Craig Rasmuson

It's going to be 32 minutes of tough basketball.

Travis Tucker

Basketball is the only sport you don't have to travel early in the tournament.

Bill Fowkes

Brody has good basketball skills. He has come along well all season.

Joe Kinch

That was the most points I can remember scoring in girls basketball.

Luke Vail

We found ourselves in the city on a basketball court.

Ron Kelder

The community meant so much to us, and Dunbar meant so much to the community, that that was the most fun I had playing basketball.

Bobby Washington

When they're breaking for basketball games, ... you know that it's not (going) too, too badly.

Martin Grove

Jeff has a knack for being around the basketball.

Aaron Ward

He's got talent, and the thing with Mickey is that he is focused on whatever he does, be it basketball or baseball.

Dave Tykoski

We want our kids on the basketball court and not in the courtroom.

Tim Tuten

The Composite Guide to Basketball.

James Naismith

I saw a lot of growth in the team, a lot smarter basketball, a lot of team work.

Susan Mcwhorter

He loves basketball, and he loves the Heat. So it was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Andrew Abraham

I live in L.A., so I go to basketball games. But I love baseball.

Penny Marshall

He was a good shooter and dribbler. He was actually better at basketball than soccer.

Chris Wallinger

We shot 31.4 percent and they shot 36.8 percent. You probably saw some ugly basketball.

Dave Dickerson

I don't think it was all us. We're not used to playing their style of basketball.

Jeremis Smith

That was the difference in the basketball game.

Heath Cowan

We had our fun, but now it's back to basketball.

Glenn Takara

He was dunking the basketball.

Leonard Monroe

What it boiled down to was I wasn't happy there. I wasn't happy playing basketball there.

Tyson Schnitker

If we had just made a few more, this would have been our basketball game.

Vernon Hamilton

There's no better atmosphere than what we played in tonight. It just can't get better than it was. There cannot be a better college basketball atmosphere than we had tonight.

Robbie Laing

We played very good basketball against an athletic team. It was nice to see us get better in some areas.

Tod Kowalczyk

These girls have played a lot of basketball, so they knew they could come back and win.

Glen Flanagan

We really played a lot of basketball; any kind of game we could get our hands on we did.

Breanna Fulper

All we see is football, baseball, soccer, but no basketball. We need to get some trophies of our own.

Charles Harper

We're trying to really get this thing to a point where it's about basketball, but it's more than about basketball. It's got to be a fun place to go.

Dirk Katstra

He raises the I.Q. of your basketball team ? he helps us tremendously.

Lamar Odom

I'm amazed we won the basketball game.

Mick Durham

He's into the school itself. It's not just a basketball thing with him.

Rod Chando

You don't play against opponents, you play against the game of basketball.

Bobby Knight

I realized the thing I'm the best at is basketball.

Billy Kelly

We've got two more games to go through before we can start talking. Right now, we'll let our basketball do the talking for us.

Doug Lipscomb

I'm going to pursue playing basketball professionally.

Kelly Golob

He's well-rounded. He's not only a good basketball player, but he's a great kid as well.

Tim Mcconnell

It combines elements of football, basketball and soccer.

Geoffrey Fosdick

Anybody who can't get their fill of basketball in March needs to go get therapy.

Susan Williams

He's not in basketball shape, but it's a definite plus to put a 7-footer in there.

Tom Peller

Nike's! I bought these for this trip so I could play basketball.

Thupten Chosn

Basketball was my favorite sport.

Dante Hall

They were a physical, aggressive team. That is their game. We have to be tougher with the basketball.

Dave Hall

It's helps to have smart kids. That does carry over to basketball.

Buddy Carlisle

We got up in people's faces and put pressure on the basketball.

Dave Kuhlen

Basketball wasn't on the map. It was a nice thing to have around, and if they won, that was great.

Bill O'connell

I'm not going to be playing basketball anymore. I've been playing it all my life, and I'm sad.

Jessica Huggins

You don't really know too much about us. Every (player) has a thing she does outside of basketball.

Mindy Hutchcroft

It's about high school women's basketball and it is uplifting.

Nancy Buirski

He was definitely a better basketball player.

Renaldo Hill

We played good team basketball, and good things happen when we do that.

Kawika Shoji

My body was asking me to play basketball, but for now I don't run and I don't shoot.

Ronny Turiaf

This is my senior year, and we all thought this was our year to win state (in basketball).

Tara Grier

We're basketball crazy down at Burr and Burton again.

Seth Rice

I like the way she is around basketball players, men or women.

Pat Fuscaldo

In terms of basketball experience, they're a mature group.

Jeff Beers

Was a weird basketball game, to say the least.

Rashad Mccants

We put her in some situations to get her the basketball and she did a nice job of getting some buckets.

Chris Mestl

We can't play soft basketball. We have to be little pit bulls and go after people.

Tom Pecora

We're really excited. This is new territory in Hampton basketball history.

Joe Lafko

We have more time to study and play basketball. You can't do both at the same time.

David Dulkys

All that's good, but we're here to play basketball tomorrow.

Antoine Hood

I'm disappointed with some of the things that happened. But that's basketball, and those are some of the things that you have to deal with.

Dave Macdonald

Basketball is my favorite. It is more of a team game and I have always liked it.

Torry Schloz

We actually kind of catered our school schedule to basketball.

Chris Colagiovanni

He's very analytical, very logical, ... He's also very big and athletic. He's an avid basketball player.

Barry Hazen

Basketball was much more glamorous. Girls were looking at you.

Steve Looney

This was great for area basketball. Fans saw a lot of good basketball.

Paul Sapotichne

It just shows how global basketball is, how unifying basketball is.

Alfred Aboya

I am a little bit (sad). I've been playing basketball as long as I can remember.

Bridget Carlin

He had a lot of years of driving around, taking us to cheerleading and basketball.

Cindy Heuer

That's a good basketball team. When you get a lead against a good basketball team you have to sustain it. We didn't do that.

Sam Provenza

They were not really big into football down there. Basketball was what they primarily played.

Bill Buchanan

We have a son that plays for one of the schools. I'm very interested in men's basketball.

Charles Clark

This is kind a new (football) rivalry but you already see it in basketball and baseball.

Chris Connolly

We played a full 40 minutes of sound basketball.

Cathy Inglese

You try to make a point that it's not just about basketball. But sometimes you can't win.

Jack O'brien

That's the good thing about basketball. You get to come right back to the floor and play.

Marquise Gray

We lost to a very good basketball team today. Albany had a lot of answers.

Randy Monroe

It'll be nice to have a basketball banner in the gym.

Ashley Hanhurst

It took a basketball player to win a soccer game.

Byron Allen

Kyle's a guy who doesn't get a lot of notoriety, but he does the little things that make a solid basketball team.

Shaun Busick

It wasn't a good fit at all, that's all I can say. It wasn't a good fit for my family and I. It was not a good fit for the basketball program.

Shaun Busick

It's a good day to be living. It's not a good day for basketball. There's a difference.

Maurice Taylor

But every one of them, we played our best basketball in the last 20 minutes.

Rodney Watson

It was a college basketball atmosphere tonight.

Jerry Slocum

That's the way basketball is sometimes. They hit shots and we didn't hit shots. Sometimes basketball is that simple.

Ben Snively

That game right there is how basketball should be played.

Chris Kuhblank

He's got a basketball IQ better than anyone I've ever seen.

Tim Byrd

It was almost a 'their-guy-against-our-guy' for a while, and it was kind of a fun basketball game to watch.

Kurt Hempen

There is still a lot of basketball to be played.

Greg Sparling

We can't win the basketball game without Erika in the game.

Jennifer Rizzotti

She's just a complete basketball player. She can do so many things.

Donnie Gray

This is a really good win. That's a conglomeration of really good basketball players over there.

Jesse Lee Bennett

I'm not going to choose for the basketball. I'm going to choose what fits me better academically.

Travis Hovey

She's a great player. She's a great basketball player, too.

Jeff Haney

It was embarrassing. This was real Bears basketball.

Deke Thompson

We were shocked. We just couldn't get up after the start. It just didn't go our way today, and that's basketball.

Glen Davis

My greatest gift that I have in life is basketball.

Isiah Thomas

Great for college basketball.

Jim Haney

That was a hell of a high school basketball game.

Darren Sanderlin

They don't really like basketball, to tell you the truth.

John Pietkiewicz

We were sharing stories about basketball boyfriends.

Carmen Electra

He's a linebacker with the basketball. He's so doggone strong for a guard.

Chris Mack

It's early, real early. There's still a lot of basketball left.

Dave Nutting

Monroe is an outstanding team. That's how playoff basketball is.

Doug Pickarts

We'll have a hard time with these guys coming back from basketball, but we'll be there at the end.

Butch Walters

It's more than a basketball tournament.

Marcus Cross

That was absolutely the pinnacle of my basketball career.

Mike Tracy

That's Scott County basketball. This is what we live for.

Rebecca Gray

We weren't very smart with the basketball in the fourth quarter. We were fortunate to win.

Kyle Fowler

She is going to be a very, very good basketball player.

Lisa Bluder

A lot of people say basketball, ... but I think that their football team is on the map now.

Damarius Bilbo

Why is it so difficult to assume that basketball players may not need to use steroids? That it's anathema to what they do?

Billy Hunter

We've got the biggest week of our basketball lives.

Rob Kurz

They are heady basketball players who give us a good mix.

Brad Stamps

I am not sure right now, but I will play baseball or basketball in college.

Zach Braden

I think I'm like the Chad Johnson of basketball.

Ronny Turiaf

It's regular basketball. Instead of running, you're on a donkey though.

Lisa Paiz

That was an unbelievable college basketball game. You won't see anything better on TV, that's for sure.

Don Meyer

I was just glad we were able to hold onto the basketball as well as we did.

Dean Shaw

We're just here to play basketball. When we were 2-5, nobody was protesting, so that's just how it is.

Andre Cook

We were playing basketball then.

Jake Kirby

They are very aggressive on defense. We'll have to take very good care of the basketball.

Jeff Stowers

That's a good basketball team, I thought.

Bob Mcintyre

It's not just the basketball. It's about learning things in life.

Harold Mcallister

We all love basketball. That's why we're playing it.

Andy Jones

We had to put some pressure on them and turn it into a basketball game again. Once we did that, we got some things accomplished.

Lin Laursen

He's just a kid that loves to play basketball.

Steve Shingledecker

We really shared the basketball. It was nice to see that balance.

Stan Joplin

I'm a basketball player. I understand this is a business.

Marcus Banks

Any time somebody was bouncing a basketball somewhere, he wanted to be around.

Wayne Burnette

I was only 5-3. Luckily I grew. Maybe I was meant to be a basketball player.

Jeremy Lin

District basketball is about playing under pressure. The pressure got to us.

Jody Stemkoski

I've really loved playing basketball at Tech.

Johanna Fryer

There's a lot of basketball left. The conference race is far from over.

Kevin Clipperton

My girls are playing good basketball. They never quit.

Jennifer Hartshorn

It's fun. That's what college basketball is about.

Jerry Kerber

We've got to promote basketball even more.

Manu Ginobili

We don't do anything fancy. We just move the basketball.

Mark Senftner

I liked basketball more but I was better at football.

Tony Jackson

The only thing is that we had 17 turnovers tonight. We have to take better care of the basketball.

Don Meyer

I figured it will keep me in shape for basketball.

Mike Walsh

The thing about it for us is we'll have to do what we do, and hopefully that's enough to win the basketball game.

Al Skinner

He was very athletic. He could dunk a basketball. He was extremely fast for his size.

Bill Renner

My heart was broken not to get the basketball.

Susan Worley

My involvement has been nonstop since basketball ended.

John Woods

We bring an aggressiveness to basketball.

Royce Rowe

Me and Nico always played basketball in the summer.

Chris Shaffer

We shoot 31 percent, they shoot 36. You probably saw some ugly basketball out there.

Dave Dickerson

When I was back in Lebanon, he started helping. He got me into basketball.

Tarek Ammoury

They (EFA) are a very good basketball team and they're clicking on all cylinders.

Bill Pierce

That's probably the best quarter of basketball we've played all year.

Chris Guess

I consider myself a basketball player who plays football.

Kadero Terrell

I haven't seen anything like this with the basketball team.

Jack Brittain

We definitely want to try and get him to touch the basketball in big possessions.

Dave Madeira

Our kids have an interest in basketball.

Deirdre Hanley

We very easily could have won this basketball game.

Paul Hale

We played all 40 minutes of that basketball game. We held them.

Tre' Kelley

If they're got an eye on that basketball, it'll motivate them to reach their goals.

Amy Fessler

I don't know why he's not in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Jon Miller

This was about as good as playoff basketball gets I think.

Chris Stewart

Milwaukee has been very good to the UMD basketball program.

Jay Guidinger

They said playing basketball would kill me. Well, not playing basketball was killing me.

Earvin Magic Johnson

After that first day I questioned whether or not basketball was for me.

Emeka Okafor

I have a junior varsity team playing varsity basketball.

Reed Jackson

Magic is who I am on the basketball court. Earvin is who I am.

Earvin Magic Johnson