Byron Allen
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"Byron Allen Folks", better known professionally as just "Byron Allen", is an United States/American comedian and television producer, who founded and is the chairman and chief executive officer of United States/U.S. television production company Entertainment Studios.

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This facility will not only create a presence of our sovereignty collectively, as well as individually, but it also provides a station from which they can conduct business. Most of Indian Country comes into town for a few days, maybe a week, and most often don't have a place to operate out of. We hope we might provide work stations.

This is the beginning of a unity of forces, a locking of arms.

Anyone can come in and get 20 points, at any given time.

The two turnovers in the third quarter were huge. They gave us momentum in the second half, and helped us pull away.

We always enjoy the games between us. We always have great contests. Larry and I have been best friends for 20 seasons out here.

It took a basketball player to win a soccer game.

We've been through the fire and things are just starting to shine.

The improvement has been tremendous. It is all because of the kids, and the coaches are just along for the ride.

Right now, it doesn't exist and never has existed. It would be a worthy cause to address the tribes' interest in Washington, D.C.

It's definitely the worst experience of my life that I ever want to live through.

It was gigantic. Before the stand they were able to run the ball on us, but when we stopped them, it gave us momentum and took the wind out of their sails.

When you're a young couple just trying to survive anyway and then a storm comes and strips you of everything, you don't have much choice but to move on.

We just did not play a solid basketball game. Against a good team like that, you cannot make the types of mistakes that we made.