Once again we played really good defense. We played great on defense and we did a good job running the bases. When we had the opportunities, we took advantage of them.

Kris did a great job at first scooping some low throws out of the dirt for us.

She did a good job on the bases when she got on.

We just couldn't get hits when we needed them. All their runs were also unearned so that is something we need to work on.

This should be a fun weekend, but only if the mosquitoes stay away.

They have fairly young pitchers and our girls walked a lot. The high point of the game was our solid defense.

They had a couple big innings and I believe that knocked the wind out of us. But we scored at the end and the girls never quit. That is the important thing and that showed me the character of this team. Them not quitting was definitely the highlight of that game.

This was our best played all-around game of the season.

She's a great player. She's a great basketball player, too.