You really find some good competition here. I didn't know I could run that fast.

This team worried me. That's a much better team than their record.

We used the trap real effectively in the first game against Fair Haven. I thought that Bob would be ready for it and didn't want to use it early. I wanted to bring it out when we needed it.

We're basketball crazy down at Burr and Burton again.

We were thinking that we needed 50 points.

I was real happy that we got out to a strong start.

The kids are really competitive. That's a huge thing.

That's what the playoffs are all about. Lyndon was much better than its record and U-32 is a very good team. They have the physicality to play with us inside and we just needed to be patient.

Our big guys really stepped it up late and took it to the hoop. Early on they were in too much of a hurry, and it showed. They are much more polished than that, and fortunately for us, they were able to get the job done when it counted.