"Donald Wayne Meyer" was an American college basketball coach who completed his career in 2010 as head coach of the men's team at Northern State University. He was once head coach at Hamline University and Lipscomb University. Meyer was born in 1944 in Wayne, Nebraska.

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A lot of things, I think, would have to go wrong in order for this widespread civil unrest to become a reality.

It was a hard-fought game. It was a great win for our kids. We didn't play well early, but they dug in. We really played good defense in the second half, and we made a lot of good hustle plays tonight. Every one of them was important for us.

Adam made a bunch of free throws in overtime (6-of-7) and he worked hard to post up because he had a smaller guy on him. He did a great job.

Give Jamestown a lot of credit. They are well-coached and they shoot the ball very well. That is one thing about NAIA teams: they may be a little smaller, but they generally shoot the ball well. Jamestown played hard until the end and they never quit. They have a good, young team.

We don't have a set of formal recommendations. What Sen. Bennett has been saying publicly is that it wouldn't hurt to have a few days of food on hand, a little bit of cash.

Give Moorhead a lot of credit for their effort. They played a great game under these conditions at our place with our crowd being so loud. And give our kids credit for hanging in there.

That was an unbelievable college basketball game. You won't see anything better on TV, that's for sure.

We don't really feel right now that the United States will be in such dire trouble in the year 2000.

The only thing is that we had 17 turnovers tonight. We have to take better care of the basketball.