I felt the crowd was great. The crowd got into it, they tried to lead us.

We need a more productive inside game and to get more shots out of our post players. We have to find a happy medium. We're taking the path of least resistance. We have to have an inside game when our outside shots aren't falling. We're not attacking on offense like we should be.

The teams that have a winning record have one thing in common: they've all won those close games.

I thought our defense was pretty good in the first half except we fouled too much. I thought we were in control of the game for the most part. We wanted to go inside and we did that with Tino having a good night down low.

Needless to say, we needed this one bad. We needed a confidence builder.

We really shared the basketball. It was nice to see that balance.

I think both teams were playing pretty good defense. Neither team was giving ground on any possession. Defensively, this might have been the best we've played for 40 minutes. We had some breakdowns, sure, but there was no lack of effort.

He's been taking what the defense is giving him, and it's helped him that we're getting the ball into the post and swinging the ball. If we can continue to play that way, it's really going to help him.

I thought we took them out of their offense. We got our energy from defense, which isn't always the case. For a long stretch in the first half we rebounded well and ran well and we got a pretty good flow going.