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We are getting more balanced. We are not having to rely on one or two people to win. We are more athletic than we were before.

Matt Peck

This team is very balanced and a lot of different kids can contribute to the team.

Charlie Kendrick

They're very well-balanced. Inside and out, they're a tough team to defend.

Dwight Littlefield

The course is much more balanced now.

Gene Contino

We're going to be ready to do some big things. I really believe we'll be a balanced team.

Dwight Freeney

I think it is finely balanced, but we can still get something this weekend.

Keith Rockwell

He was balanced both ways.

Don Buford

At the end of the day we want people who have a balanced view.

Sibani Mngadi

When the teams get more balanced, the U.S. scene gets more exciting.

Chris Baldwin

It's very good for us when we get this kind of balanced scoring.

Gina Nolan

This is the second time we have won our own meet. We are balanced. That's our key. We don't have the one individual.

Brian Colding

We had a balanced attack.

Keith Jennings

It was a good half for me. But the second half was better because we were more balanced.

Randy Holcomb

These guys, they don't care who scores. That's what makes them so balanced.

Bruce Dick

I think it's a good, balanced budget, and we could always amend it.

Dick Hill

We're fairly well-balanced and we'll hold our own against most teams.

Brenda Clark

It's an ensemble piece, equally balanced.

Kathi Glist

We don't believe it bashes the military. It really does try to be balanced.

Briggs Gamblin

We've got a pretty balanced team this season.

Bob Kluba

Balanced funds try to be the best of everything.

Jason Kelly

Our strength is our balanced experienced level, ... But we must avoid injuries.

David Potts

It should be a good game. They're a good team. They are pretty well balanced. It will be fun.

Sandi Mike

Our objective will continue to be to finish with a balanced budget.

Richard White

You want to maintain a balanced, diversified portfolio.

Tom Grzymala

I believe we are in a very balanced position going into 2006.

Gregory Davis

It was pretty balanced. But we need to do a better job of defending the post.

Billy Waller

We are a well balanced team.

Aaron Oldfield

We're pretty fortunate to have a pretty balanced ball club.

Bob Nobbe

The team is looking really good, ... They're really balanced and attacking well.

Pat Straub

We have a pretty balanced attack. Obviously, Seth is the ringleader.

Jeff Mennillo

It was tough. They are all playing in the N.H.L. It wasn't balanced.

Nik Antropov

It appears we will have a balanced budget with no [fare] increase.

Mark Aesch

That's what we're looking for is balanced scoring. If we can get balanced scoring, we're going to be successful.

Fred Thacher

We are a balanced team. That is how we are. We have to spread the ball around.

Mark Bailey

I think it's a very balanced league, one that's up for grabs.

Lon Kruger

We are a very balanced team. We get points from everyone.

Howard Suda

We don't have a go-to person. We're well-balanced.

Theresa Iuliucci

We've got to be an inside-out team. We've got to be balanced. We've got to score inside and out. That way they can't concentrate on one area.

Jeff Craft

Their attack was probably more balanced. They're at their best when they're balanced.

Mark Slonaker

What you're seeing is a little more balanced attack than we've seen in the past.

Bill Mallory

Every skier contributed to the scoring. We were very balanced.

Jerry Stanek

I told our guys we had to have a balanced attack.

Frank Russo

It balanced things out.

Chris Mullin

He's very fair, balanced and objective. I don't detect any bias in him and I don't detect any ambition.

Robert Grant

They are a well-balanced offensive team. They set up their passing with their run.

Mark Hourany

That's the way it always is. We're a very balanced ball club and a very even ball club.

Kris Kalivas

This offense, ... is a better offense than when they had (Steelers quarterback) Ben Roethlisberger. It's more balanced.

Garrett Wolfe

For all intents and purposes, supply and demand are balanced out.

Charles Swanson

I'm proud of the guys. Some of them stepped up, and it's nice to see that it's all balanced again.

Mark Lundgren

He's the nicest horse here. He's beautifully balanced and very athletic.

Leon Macdonald

Our scoring has been balanced too. No one guy has to score for us.

John Cullen

It is a little thinner than $1.5 but the bottom line is that we do have a balanced budget.

Glenn Thomas

In a more balanced market there's not the feeding frenzy.

Michael Conway

The fact that our budget was balanced on the backs of students should not be celebrated.

Elizabeth Hill