"Donald Alvin Buford" is a former Major League Baseball player. An infielder/outfielder, the switch hitter/switch-hitting Buford played for the Chicago White Sox (1963–1967) and Baltimore Orioles (1968–1972).

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He was balanced both ways.

This is a plus for the Cubs to get Pierre. He's a young man who runs hard all the time and plays hard all the time. He's willing to learn and very dedicated to improving himself. It makes it easy to work with a person like that. I'm looking forward to that. He's a good young man.

It's an individual thing. You have to want to do it in order to do it, No. 1. To be successful at it, you have to work at it and put in a little more effort. You have to put in some extra time. He certainly seems dedicated to doing that. There are a couple other young men who I've talked to who are that way.

(Barthelemy) hit a hanging curve for his home run. The next home run came on a fastball on a 3-2 pitch. With a base open you would normally throw something in the dirt. But that comes from learning.

Apparently that's the time to play. If we play as well as we did today, I'll play all of them starting at 10:35.

It was on a line, so it probably didn't go as far as it could have if it was up in the air more. But he hit it well.

If (a change in the rotation) happens, it will come from upstairs. No question, Shaver was outstanding.

We didn't get off to a good start with (pitching). We gave up too many runs right away. It makes it a little hard. Hopefully all the nervousness will be gone and we'll be productive.

Every loss is tough. But we were in all the ball games. We had a chance in every game.