I tell the kids all the time basketball is a game of runs. We made our run to get back in it. They made a run to take control of the game again. The game is a bunch of runs and a bunch of stops. The team that gets the most of those is the team that wins the game. Unfortunately it wasn't us tonight.

He's one of our team leaders.

I saw them play (Friday night) and he caught fire just where he left off. I don't know if there was much we could have done differently. He was just making shots. That's a nice zone to be in during a very important part of the season. Kudos to Cody, he shot the ball very well.

I'm very proud of them. I can't complain about these guys at all. The only thing that would disappoint me is that they don't attack the game with the same intensity trying to get ready for next year. I know as a coach you can't wait three weeks before the season to get ready for the year.

Those two sophomores have stepped up since last year. By the time these two are seniors, you'll be hearing about them.

We had a balanced attack.

We're still dealing with some injuries.

Max has been a major force for us all season. Any time he's not on the court, we suffer in the middle a little bit. He does so much for our team. Any time he gets in foul trouble, we know it's going to be tough. Those guys still fought hard. I'm very proud of them.