They're very well-balanced. Inside and out, they're a tough team to defend.

That was big, but then you've got to get back and play defense, and that's what we didn't do. I had that feeling that (Richmond) would hit some threes.

He'll have to get used to the more physical nature of the college game.

I thought we didn't pay enough attention to box-outs, and we let (Lovell) slide in and rebound the ball.

We're gaining more confidence as we're going along.

It's been fun. Today was a tough day, though.

They never quit. This has been a great group of kids. They didn't want it to end this way, but they know we've had a great season.

We were expecting a zone of some type. We didn't execute well enough to get good shots. They got up on our shooters.

We had him in the middle of the press a lot, and he was able to flash and swing the ball. He was kind of our outlet in the middle of the floor.