"Gregory Davis" (born 1979) is an English spree killer and former art student who was convicted of the double manslaughter of Dorothy Rogers and her son Michael Rogers in 2003. He was released in 2011 from the Littlemore#Littlemore_Hospital/Littlemore Hospital.

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Those of us who are soldiers day in and day out, have been kept from table because the church is in conflict and our kids are still dying.

Expanded service capabilities in Edmonton are key to providing the support needed to continue to deliver a consistently great experience for Canadian and American customers. Our contact centre in Edmonton and soon-to-be-opened centre in Ottawa will be assets to Dell in North America and our Canadian employees have proven to be valuable assets for Dell worldwide.

Meetings are a middle class kind of thing, and we want to value the voice of people who can't come to meetings.

When large numbers of poor families started showing up in the central valley of California, and also in Los Angeles, at a time when the federal government was providing very little assistance, then the burden of caring for those new residents fell to those towns and cities, and sympathy dried up pretty quickly.

It's so archaic... someone is walking around with that mindset. I'm mad. ... I don't bother anybody.

I believe we are in a very balanced position going into 2006.

[Even the victims seem at a loss to explain how such brutality can occur in this day and age.] It's so archaic ... someone is walking around with that mind-set, ... I don't bother anybody.

They will find new homes, and do so under very disadvantageous circumstances with results that are very hard on them, and also very challenging for a lot of communities that play host.

Blenders, bar accessories, cocktail shakers, ashtrays, cocktail glasses and little tiki bars, ... Anything you would normally stock a bar with, we carry. The '50s was a big cocktail era, and we sell almost every bar we get within a week or two.