In the end, the cost of this study may be insignificant to the increase in revenue that the rate changes will bring.

He just needs to take a long vacation.

Our utility rate has not been changed in at least 10 years. In some cases we are selling electricity for less then we are buying it for.

You can have all the technical expertise in the world. But if you can't get it across in 30 seconds, you're done.

Any kind of major development of this sort opens us up even more so.

And, we have been struggling with our rates ever since.

We have complaints all the time about limbs. With this new purchase, we will be able to tell our people that the service will be better soon.

It should help us because we would be surrounded with another automotive company.

It is a little thinner than $1.5 but the bottom line is that we do have a balanced budget.