It's about the camaraderie. Not all go in every year. If it was 0 degrees, I wouldn't go in. Forty degrees, that's fine.

I think it's a good, balanced budget, and we could always amend it.

This is at the dream stage now. We need to try to stay competitive with other places. It's a quality-of-life issue.

The energy loss from a house is divided into three equal components: doors and windows; walls and the roof; and air leaks in and out.

I don't know at this point what else we can do, and I can't imagine us funneling tax dollars into the Furniture Market, ... It would have to be something with infrastructure, and they've already got the infrastructure.

Higher oil prices are all we'll look at in the future. No way is this going to be like 1982 or 1987, where the market collapses and we'll be back to $1 for a gallon of heating oil.

In older buildings the seal between the sill and the foundation is never as good as it should be. I think banking the foundation helps keep the floor warmer, it helps keep you comfortable in the winter, especially in old buildings.

We need to be conscious of it. For Tupelo, it is one of our greatest assets. We need to be aware of potential problems.

You can always find Curtis, whether it's the Jeep or the Big Bird.