"David Potts", known to bandmates and fans as ""Pottsy"", is the ex-frontman of Monaco (band)/Monaco.

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I plan on having a double major and so it's going to allow me to come in with more credits than some who are coming in as sophomores next year. The other aspect is I'm fairly competitive. We have a running contest to see who can take the most and do well on the most.

I hope we can aid hurting peoples around us, ... May God bless you as study and learn and serve this new academic year.

Our college motto is 'lux et veritas' which is Latin for 'light and truth,' ... We mustn't contain our light and truth on the campus, but express it in the lives of people around us.

Remember that what we do is not 'to' or 'for' the poor, ... but 'with' the poor. And even if we fail to eradicate poverty in this area, it will be a glorious failure!

Our strength is our balanced experienced level, ... But we must avoid injuries.

More than 54 percent of the children in this county live in poverty, ... Twenty-two percent of births are to unwed teen-aged mothers and we are among the top counties in Alabama in the number of high school drop-outs.

Frankl found that helping others made us stronger, and though he was an atheist when arrested, he found God at Auschwitz.

By making a lot of changes and using subcontractors, they delayed the construction. When things aren't ready, the work can't go forward.