If someone has 10 or 20 years, daily fluctuations in the market don't matter at all.

A small fund won't have to exhaust its 'Varsity' list of stocks.

Balanced funds try to be the best of everything.

If you don't want to do any research, pick an index fund.

I'm a little bit disappointed, I suppose, that it came to that because one nice thing the Beardstown Ladies accomplished was telling everybody that you can do it, that it is possible to invest prudently on your own, that you don't necessarily need the hand holding of a professional.

If a fund has $100 million in assets, it means it's a real player, ... The Neatest Little Guide to Mutual Funds.

I'm almost expecting the National Enquirer to come out with a mutual fund issue.

She's not one of those people who shows up at investment conferences or dazzles the world with (analyst) predictions. She's not much of a public figure, but her record is so great that nobody who is seriously considering investing internationally ignores her.

Value stock funds shy away from expensive stocks, so if the market bursts, these funds don't have as far to fall.