I've felt all along that Greenville basketball is as good as any in the state this year. I think there's a good chance that someone from Greenville will be in Columbia.

They took it to us from the get-go. They were more athletic. They kind of got us on our heels and spread us a little bit. For the last two weeks we just haven't shot the ball well. If we don't shoot it well, then we're gonna struggle.

If we had lost, I would have told my kids the same thing. I was proud of how hard they played. I know (Berea) is disappointed, but they played a great game.

They've got other kids who are capable, so if you just worry about those two and leave the other ones by themselves, they can hurt you. But definitely Downs and Bennett are great players. They both can shoot the three and they both can penetrate, but I think they both are great defensively, and they don't get enough credit for that. Those two wreak havoc defensively.

We've got to be an inside-out team. We've got to be balanced. We've got to score inside and out. That way they can't concentrate on one area.

I just told my kids I've been in this business about 17 years and I don't know if I've seen as good a game as that was by both teams. They just kept answering each other and it wasn't like there wasn't any defense being played. It was just true guts by both teams.